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You Deserve a Mental Health Day

As the condensed summer session for school is winding down, I find myself more and more averse to the idea of doing -literally- anything. Add on top of that the stress of buying a new car (which we’re hoping to finally have resolved on Monday) along with regular life stressors and I am one wound up little mama (thankfully without the stressor of kids yet).  I mean, this weekend was supposed to be two days of Andrew & I not leaving the house but Saturday turned into anxiety and running errands and car dealerships from 9AM – 6PM. This all has me thinking about the idea of mental health days and how helpful they were when I was in my pre-college days.

When I was younger, my mom would let me stay home from school and basically do whatever I wanted some days. I’d feel so much better the next day and continue on with life. Those days were total lifesavers. There are/were some days where I cannot force myself out of bed or the house. Whether it’s due to anxiety, depression, or any other number of fun things there is just no way I’m getting out. But now that I’m an “adult”, when I’m “just” tired and a little sick of never getting a minute off I feel totally guilty that I’m not doing one of the million things that are still on my list.

But you know what? That’s a bunch of wooden dimes.

Every once in a while (or weekly, if you need it) you deserve to take a mental health day to make sure you’re in tip-top shape. By taking part in a little self love and care you can often feel better and more refreshed than you would if you completed a million to-do lists! Need some inspiration? I’ve got you covered below (I mean in this post…not like, literally below).

• Order pizza • Don’t even think of getting dressed • Do your makeup super cute • Go see a movie • Bake cookies • Take a bath with epic music • Take a snack to the park and just chill • Play with a puppy/kitty/chinchilla • Only get out of bed for meals • Do something creative: paint, write, compose, bake, cook, dance, sing (the list goes on) • Go for a walk in a new part of town • Treat yo self • Plan a vacation • Go on a day trip • Don’t leave the house • Window shop • Dance • Watch your favorite movie • Binge-watch a show • Read • Play video games
• Do whatever the fudge you want.

Hopefully I was able to inspire a little something that will allow you to take care of who matters most: you! I’m off to finish out my mini-semester and then partake in some celebratory pizza and walkin’. I gotta hit my health goal for this week 😉

How do you show yourself a little self care?

Wishing you no wooden dimes,


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  • Reply kathy/NorthCarolina

    Every once in a while, I declare it “Pajamas all Day Day”. It’s wonderful. It’s hard to work in your PJ’s,and the rest does me good. Scuze me while I go take a nap. xo

    July 27, 2015 at 12:58 pm
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