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Wrapping Up #100HappyDays

I’ll be real with you – I didn’t expect half the shit (excuse the language) that happened to me during my #100HappyDays experiment to happen. Honestly, I went through some of the hardest days of my life during this time and it was all condensed into a neatly packaged 100 day timeframe. That being said, since I didn’t want to fail (I AM A WINNER, DANGIT) I had to find SOMETHING that made me happy those days. It could have been a past trip, a christmas tree at Walmart, or even a notebook that was cute. At times it was difficult and others it seemed impossible – but I’m happy to say that as of November 2nd, I completed the #100HappyDays experiment! I’m (obviously) very excited to show you some snippets from my time of “being happy”! As weird as that may sound. 😉 

#100happydays recap

You really wouldn’t think that it could be that hard of an experiment – and I didn’t think it would be either when I started – but it takes a LOT of commitment. At times when it seemed impossible for me to ever be happy again I’d be sitting staring around trying to think of what would make my mind even glimmer with hope. Usually, it would be the reminder of travel and being outside of myself. During times when I had a myriad of things that were making me happy I’d try to pin point what was really “doing it” for me (yes, I do realize what that sounds like but unfortunately I can’t think of a better way to say it!).

#100happydays recap

I had more travel during this 100 day period than I’ve had in quite a long time and most of it was thanks to my photography. I couldn’t be happier with the way things are heading right now (although I constantly have doubts, the benefits of a depressive/manic/bipolar/my brain) and with time, work, and (more) commitment, I plan on upping that amount of travel days even more! On that note, you can always contact me about booking a session and I may even have some mini-sessions coming up soon!

#100happydays recap

While I had many planned outings I also had some amazing surprises. Andrew surprised me with the amazing Kate Spade bag above along with a picnic on Labor Day. It’s rare that he gets to pull off a surprise for me (I’m way too snoopy/pick up on accidental hints for my own good) but when he does it’s usually pretty awesome! And while I loooove that bag, I think the picnic he surprised me with was even better. He used to surprise me with picnics at lunch early on when we were first dating and they are some of my favorite memories/dates 🙂

#100happydays recap

Staying local provided some great memories too (don’t tell my younger self I said that)! Even though we’re still begrudgingly in Raleigh, we manage to make the most of it. Whether it’s the fact that I can find some amazing t-shirts at Target, going on a date night to a rather large chain specifically because they serve sushi with cream cheese, or it’s a particularly beautiful morning, it’s not ALL bad in Raleigh.

#100happydays recap

Some of my favorite days were spent with others: Andi & I shot two weddings together during these #100HappyDays, I WENT TO THE FAIR BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST EVER, and Meghan and I woke up at the booty of dawn to get our deluxe 1989 Taylor Swift albums (spoiler alert: it’s so good your husband might start singing along with it). Sometimes it’s awesomeness to just hang out with yourself though (especially when you haven’t been able to take a solo trip in a very long while). I really gave yoga a try and I’m loving it more every time I practice. It’s a pretty amazing thing and the alone time that I get from it only serves to reanimate my super introverted self.

#100happydays recap durham american tobacco campus tyler's

My last #100HappyDays was spent doing what I love: taking photos of prettiness (there will be a blog post soon!) and exploring places. After the styled shoot that day, Andrew & I headed over to the American Tobacco Campus for some food and a little more fun. I can’t imagine a better day than I had: being surrounded by amazing people and places, and being able to capture it all.

There may be some people giving this experiment a very negative spin, but who cares? It might not have been “100 Amazing Exciting Days” but the point certainly got across to me. Overall the #100HappyDays was an amazing experiment and I really do feel like I try to focus on more positive things now…kind of like I still need to take a photo so I don’t “miss a day” of the experiment. Only this time, the experiment is pretty much the rest of my life.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the #100HappyDays experiment, be sure to check it out! Have you considered taking part in this?

Wishing you hundreds upon thousands upon millions of happy days,


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    Congratulations on your journey and I loved reading about how you felt at times. We take so much for granted and sometimes I have to stop myself and remind myself of how much love I have and to be excited about tomorrow!

    November 9, 2014 at 4:45 pm
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