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Grandmama, It’s Me, Anastasia

In reality though, I’m actually Shantelle (sorry to disappoint)! I live in Durham, NC with my husband, Andrew, and a couple of cute pups: our pit bull, Master Manolo Gracey Panda XVI (Mani), and our pug, HRH Lady Jacqueline Marie Evelyn Mal del Toro (Evie). I’m pretty long-winded and I guess that rolls into my naming strategy? We pass the time by going on trips, talking about Crimson Peak and BioShock, and being all around amazing, drift-compatible copilots because we’re nerds like that.

I adore organizing, trip planning, Disney things, and the arts of a domestic variety. However, my real passion in life is crying over Elizabeth Comstock, Vanessa Ives, and Columbia, the city of cotton candy. Writing is a pastime I love (obviously) and I extra love freelancing for wording. Also, photos are super fun to take! I super duper cooper fawn over my current minimalistic Olympus/Leica kit and I love sharing photos and helping people/places/Disney bathrooms look pretty in a still image. 🙂

Great, Where Do I Go Now?

Do you like words?  •  Instagram?  •  Or maybe you want to chat?  •  No matter what you choose, I’ll be here. Waiting. Because this site is here for you 24/7 😉