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Trip Report: Walt Disney World

Y’all. I am 50 years late on one of my all time favorite trip reports and I apologize – or not because you’ve gotten some pretty awesome posts in its stead. 😉 Back in November I visited Walt Disney World with my mom for the first mother/daughter trip that we’ve been on in quite a while! I had so much fun hanging out with her there, especially since the last time she was there it wasn’t all that enjoyable and it was about 20 years ago. And for once I’m not exaggerating that number. You will not only get to see her (many times) but you might actually see my face being very awkward and uncomfortable. If that’s not a winning hook, I don’t know what is! Now let’s get to it.


The day we left was absolutely gorgeous. I mean come on – look at these skies!

2015-01-12_0024 2015-01-12_0018

Although Andrew & I are DVC members and one of our home resorts is Saratoga Springs, we hadn’t stayed there before! To be honest though, I don’t think I’ll be staying again. The resort was nice enough but the overly spread out layout along and a mix up at check out left a not awesome taste. On the plus side though, look at this classy place! I loved the colors of the buildings and our room was incredibly comfortable.


Saratoga Springs also has the benefit of being within walking distance of Downtown Disney. Which is wonderful because I love Downtown Disney! There is SO much shopping and delish food within a short distance from each other that it’s dangerous and amazing. Plus they have super cool entertainment. I’m also incredibly excited about the upcoming renovations to turn it into Disney Springs. The plans are promising to be even better than the previous Hyperion Wharf that never came to be.

2015-01-12_0003 2015-01-12_0015

I don’t know why but each time I visit Disney (and almost any tourist attraction) I purchase at least one Christmas ornament. This was my purchase for this year along with the personalization! If you don’t know, Disney has a few different ornament collections each year and Victorian Mickey & Minnie has to be my favorite. I’ve been curating my collection of this theme for years now and I’m getting close to a full set! I guess I’ll need to start working on the statues for it next 😉 My mom also purchased this one from the collection as a surprise Christmas present, which she gave me while we were setting up the tree!


Oh Lego Nessie, you never fail to disappoint (or show up in at least one of my shots).


So I have a confession. Whenever there is crème brûlée on a menu I have to try it. However in all my crème brûlées I’ve never, ever had/heard of chocolate crème brûlée so when I saw that Fulton’s had one on their menu I knew I had to try it. Especially since they have the BEST crab cake dish ever.

Just FYI – you should get a chocolate crème brûlée if you’re ever at Fulton’s. Because reasons.


That evening we went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom which I always love to do! It’s SUCH a fun time to explore the park (and also get a little snow!). Plus, I’d had my regular Earl of Sandwich Italian which if you haven’t been to Earl of Sandwich…let’s go right now I’ll drop everything oh goodness.

christmas at disney walt disney world christmas at disney walt disney world

Here you can see my mom cuddling up to a nutcracker and me when I have no idea what to do with myself! This is why I’m behind the camera…in case you couldn’t tell.


If you aren’t sure about going to the Christmas party here’s a reason to go: walk on headliners and really cool dance parties with lesser known characters. Plus it’s less expensive than a full day ticket and you can get in at 4pm!


The next day: EPCOT! My absolute favorite (along with Magic Kingdom, duh). I always have to go on Living with the Land – I think it may be my favorite ride in EPCOT! Also, B. Jones is totally my grandmother’s and father’s first initial/last name. That means I can start living there, right?


Then it was time for World Showcase. Oh, my dearest love. You treat me so well with your delicious caramel marshmallow roll and the best caramel corn in the entire world.


In case you might have passed up the Temple of Heaven in China – you are wrong. Go.


If I ever need a “last meal”, get me the chicken couscous from Restaurant Marrakesh. And maybe some mint tea and pastilla. Another note: if you haven’t fully explored the Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT you are SUPER WRONG.

disney parks starbucks coffee cup

On our way out of the park that evening I got what is officially my absolute favorite coffee cup in the world. Thank you, random Starbucks cast member. You made my evening.


After EPCOT (see, China is awesome), we headed to Animal Kingdom the next day for some awesome animal adventures. Read: ice cream time.


I don’t know why but the only time I ever get Mickey Premium Bars is when it’s cold out at Animal Kingdom. And oh goodness, do they ever treat me good.

2015-01-12_0030 2015-01-12_0009 2015-01-12_0008

I loooove the Kilimanjaro Safaris. And not just because of the synchronized hippos.


This fountain is the COOLEST…that’s all.

2015-01-12_0007 2015-01-12_0011 2015-01-12_0031

In case you were wondering what I looked like for most of this trip, see the left photo (yes, it really was so cold that I was in two shirts plus a jacket). In case you were wondering what my feet look like, see the right. Also, hello leaves.


The next day brought Magic Kingdom again! Although it was also pretty sad as the second go around at Magic Kingdom for me symbolizes the end of the trip – I always have to get one last fix in. 🙂


I also have to get my 30 rounds on the PeopleMover in and feel bad that posing doesn’t come as naturally to me as it does to my mom, apparently.

2015-01-12_0027 2015-01-12_0012

Seeing as my mom hadn’t been on the Monorail nor to the Grand Floridian (and I had to get the cutest purse and wallet combo in history before we left), we decided to make a trip over to the GF via rail. We were quite gifted with this gorgeous view of the Floridian as we were passing through the Contemporary as well.


As we were unsuccessful with the pursechase (heh) at the Grand Floridian, we popped over to Downtown Disney again and I came across my new favorite merchandising display and also a statue that I NEED. And in case you were curious about the purse/wallet I got, see below. Sadly the best selfie I have with it is from Tony’s Town Square bathroom, so you’ll have to settle for this shot of it in the lobby.


I know. I’m obsessed with it too.


Then, we were off on a jet plane via MCO, my favorite and least favorite airport. Sometimes I hate leaving MCO more than I hate leaving Disney. It’s so pretty and yummy (mmm au bon pain). I had such an awesome trip with my mom and looking back at these shots just makes me more excited about exploring Disneyland with Andrew in October. We still have to book things so it’s not official yet, but we’re working towards it and AHHH so excited. I also have some super fun Disney posts in the pipeline for y’all which I might be even more excited about. Basically my life is in a permanent state of excitement lately. It’s weird. 😉

Wishing you lovely skies and caramel corn,


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