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Time After (Break) Time

Hello you amazing people reading this blog right now! It has been snowing since before I awoke at 7am – and man, was it a good sleep. Between buying new, real pillows and sheets last night at Bed Bath & Beyond (the pillows were not $5 at Ross and are meant for long-term use and the sheets were made of cotton with a thread count), having been busy all weekend with an overnight out of state trip, and schoolwork I’m a bit behind in sleep and catching up on life.

On that note I have something to confess to y’all: I’m running myself a bit ragged. I thought I could have it all – I mean, I’m a modern lady who can do whatever she puts her mind to! But let’s be honest, we can’t always do it all. So here I am, a taurus, type-A, lady boss who doesn’t take no “shovels” making a confession that we are always told we shouldn’t make: I might need to take a minute to myself.

I love blogging/this blog and I feel that those I’ve heard from enjoy what I do as well. I would rather create content that I love once a month than continually leave empty posts on here just to have content so I’m taking a mini sabbatical before I start doing that. It will only last through what would be twoish weeks of posts (I’ll be back on schedule March 17th) but during that time I’m going to not only catch up on personal things (like putting away the laundry that’s been in a basket for two weeks now), but also to really look at my brand and where this little blog and mini-company is headed so I can give you the best and brightest that I can provide. I have so many big things coming up on the horizon and I want to make sure that you all are still there – in that I’m actually still posting 😉

I will still be active on my favorite social media platform Instagram so I invite you to come hang out and say hi! In the meantime, if you all have any suggestions for what you’d like to see here or what you really like/don’t like please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I love knowing what you all enjoy and really want to expand on that to make this twice weekly reading even more fun!

Wishing you no piled up laundry,


PS – I’ll miss y’all 🙂

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