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The Most Coldest 5k: Race 13.1 Durham

Not too long ago Andrew & I “ran” our first 5k at the Race 13.1 Durham! I’d love to say that I ran it with great strength and at the end felt an immense sense of accomplishment but…mostly it was 20 degrees and I was freezing my butt off! BUT I did indeed finish it! Since I’m planning a lot of running events coming up I thought I might start writing about them. It’ll be a learning process – I really only know how to talk Disney things?? – but if you bear with me we can figure this out together. 😉

I had a lot of nerves the night before, but it didn’t stop me from posting on social media like I was a total 5k pro!

race 13.1 durham

The day of December 10th dawned cold as– freezing and dark. But mostly freezing. Andrew and I were incredibly unprepared for this race – our training had lagged off and Andrew was running in basketball shorts. We were, like, super on top of things! After somehow getting out of our warm bed and getting ready (including my trusty, dusty eyeliner, because that’s how I roll/run/walk) we were on our way!

The actual race wasn’t that far away from us, though not close enough for me to make a run for it. Not that I would have 😉 There was a good enough crowd, plenty of witnesses to prove that I did, in fact, show up. The sky was just waking up as we were taking our place and my beautiful snapchat photo can prove it!

race 13.1 durham

We took an obligatory selfie pre-race and we were off!

race 13.1 durham

The bad:

  • one hill that I swear to the one above had it out for me
  • the cold was so bitter that when I tried to run it felt like I had metal slamming onto my legs
  • My feet were acting up BAD! I tend to have flare ups of Plantar Fasciitis in both of my feet which make running/walking incredibly painful. It’s just a matter of how bad the pain is. Thankfully I was able to make it through this, the downside was a lot of stopping that slowed us down.

The good!:

  • The course wasn’t all that bad!
  • We finished in our goal time which was under 1 hour since we mostly walked! 58 minutes to be precise, even with all the stopping we had to do!
  • I only complained…well ok I complained a lot but it was only annoyance at my feet/wanting to go faster
  • This rooty chear squad:

race 13.1 durham

Then, after all those puppies, we finished the race! Just under 1 hour but I honestly felt that considering all the stopping, I’m happy with the time. It also means that I did indeed GET a time! After finishing we went to the tent area/expo, we were rewarded with Mediterranean food and chocolate milk. I have now found that I love chocolate milk post-race. I could’ve drank four of those tiny cups! If they’d let me, that is. 😉

Lastly, I got my car selfie – since my phone had died because of how cold it was, so chill – and they sent me one of the finish line pro pics just a few days later! Both are below, for your viewing convenience. Then we went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As anyone should do to celebrate.

race 13.1 durham

Overall I’m so glad we did the Race 13.1 Durham and it has started a very long string of running events to follow! Our next up is the Sole Mate 5k on February 12th, just under 2 weeks from now!

Wishing you much warmer running climates,


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  • Reply Kathy/North Carolina

    You did it! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 what’s that old saying about the race not being to the swift, etc? And you looked really cute! Well done!

    February 1, 2017 at 9:36 pm
    • Reply shantellemarie

      Thanks so much, Kathy! It was definitely a good 5k sendoff! 😊

      February 4, 2017 at 2:14 pm

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