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Disneyland dole whip sleeping beauty castle

The Biggest Highlights Post Ever

Forever-ever. Hopefully.

So, obviously I haven’t been on the ball with posting. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I certainly have. Life is crazy and I didn’t make this place (or me) a big priority but ladies and (probably not) gentlemen, that is changing! Now, let’s get to a bunch of pictures and not too many words because, well, photos!

So, since it was literally over a year ago that I posted about needing a mental health “day” (cue exaggerated audience laughter track), let’s start where we left off – in July of 2015!

→ In the span of July/August we purchased two cars and donated my baby, my very first really mine car that I’d had for 10 years. I literally purchased her just a few months after I got my license. However she went to a great program here in NC, Wheels 4 Hope, and found a new home with a family not too long after she left us. I didn’t cry at all – I’m not the most sentimental person in the entire world ever. Definitely.

→ We went to Disneyland! And had a fun shoot with the awesome Stephanie of Intuitive Images! And there will be a post on all of that soon that you won’t need to wait another year for!

Disneyland dole whip sleeping beauty castle

→ We went to Asheville for Thanksgiving.

downtown Asheville grove arcade

→ We made a last minute decision to visit Disney World for the ending of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, and I’m really happy that we did. Post on that also coming up.

Osborne family spectacle of lights Walt Disney world

→ We saw Ghostbusters and I got reaaaaal passionate about it on Twitter.

→ We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, my 28th birthday, bought a house, and our 4th dating anniversary within the span of a couple months.

→ I got really awesome tattoos. Below is two of the three.

→ We went back to Disney (I mean, it’s at least an annual trip so this isn’t that surprising).

→ Aaaaaaand we went back to Asheville.

And now we’re here! See! I told you I would try to make it not too long!

Now that we’re all caught up “big”-moments-wise, let’s look to the future. Since we own a home I will be keeping up with random house-y post-y things – including the buying a house series I started. Rather than say I’m going to post ALL OF THE TIMES I’m going to promise at least once a month, on a Tuesday, and I’ll hopefully work up from there. Because if I’m going to have this little corner of the web I can at least have it to (hopefully) entertain you with it. I may -or may not- talk about style, unless it’s in a more ~thoughtful~, minimalist way. I definitely want to speak more about health as I’ve actually been keeping up with a mini plan that I made a few days after the new year! We have a lot of races coming up, culminating in the Glass Slipper Challenge in 2018, so there’s a real reason for me to get my A game going. In addition, I’ll still be talking pretty paper things, having overloaded photo posts, and lots and lots and lots of Disney things.


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