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Stephanie & Robby’s Rustic Asheville Wedding

I met Stephanie by email and phone just a few weeks before her September 20th wedding. She was such a sweet girl and I was so excited to work with her and Robby! However when I found out she also loved Disney and Harry Potter, I was pretty much SOLD. The day they chose was basically a perfect day for an Asheville wedding! The weather was gorgeous, not too warm, blue skies, and the Forge Valley Event Center was an absolutely gorgeous locale!!

2014-10-03_0017 2014-10-03_0019

Stephanie had games set up around the yard including this super cute version of cornhole! She also had my new favorite sign set up in the yard. Like come on, booty shakin’? Yes, please.

2014-10-03_0037 2014-10-03_0021

They hand made the favors out of mason jars, fabric, stickers, and YUMMINESS. You can bet that I scarfed down that mix about the moment we left. It was SO good!

2014-10-03_0022 2014-10-03_0023 2014-10-03_00392014-10-03_0024

Prior to their wedding I’d never had (nor heard of) 12 Bones BBQ. Prior to their wedding I’d also apparently not lived.

2014-10-03_0025 2014-10-03_0020


Their ring box had childhood photos of them. All day I felt like I kept getting the spark of “Why didn’t I think of that??”


If you get this – I love you. If you don’t, it’s a hidden Mickey 😉

2014-10-03_0001 2014-10-03_0002 2014-10-03_0003 2014-10-03_0005 2014-10-03_0004 2014-10-03_0006

Everyone, meet Evan. Stephanie & Robby’s youngest (and craziest!) daughter. She was way too adorable and I had to hold back my laughter when she gave the best side-eye (to a wall) I’ve ever seen.


The very serious (and so sweet!) girl sitting on the bench is the oldest girl, Lorelei. She was an absolute sweetheart.

2014-10-03_0008 2014-10-03_0009

AND here is where I got choked up. A bittersweet Father seeing Daughter for the first time.

2014-10-03_0010 2014-10-03_0011

This little guy got quite a keepsake from the bride! It was the first time that Stephanie had seen her best friend’s new baby. Such a tender moment!

2014-10-03_0012 2014-10-03_0015 2014-10-03_0016 2014-10-03_0013

I think Evan was NOT happy with that sunlight.

2014-10-03_0014 2014-10-03_0018

The Kelleys!! How sweet is that new family!2014-10-03_0026 2014-10-03_0027 2014-10-03_0028

How about this audition for sweetest family ever? However, two seconds later…

2014-10-03_0029 2014-10-03_0030 2014-10-03_0031

Hello, gorgeous!

2014-10-03_0032 2014-10-03_0033

First dance and father/daughter dance. Awwww sheesh. These sweethearts were trying to get me choked up again!


I think this is my new favorite couple. The love they share for each other is out of this world and the love that their family and friends has for them is just overwhelming. You can literally feel it when you’re around them! Their day was nothing short of perfect and I wish them and theirs about a million years of happiness. That’s possible, right?

Wishing you also a million years of happiness (and yummy favors),


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  • Reply Mikkel Paige

    Beautiful, Shantelle! Love all the details (including the hidden mickey!) and the arch they got married under. Congrats to them and you on documenting it wonderfully!

    October 3, 2014 at 1:55 pm
    • Reply Shantelle Marie

      They definitely made my job easy! Their day was gorgeous!

      October 6, 2014 at 12:52 pm
  • Reply Tosha

    So simple and sweet! Beautiful job!

    October 4, 2014 at 8:48 pm
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