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Project365 October

It’s Project 365 time! This great month of October has been so fun and filled with activities. Including but not limited to pumpkin everything, Christmas prettiness, and furry friends. So let’s get started!

→ Pretty A+ sermon made sure I got some good highlighting done. Mmm, used books.

→ We found ALL of the pumpkin spice!

→ I honestly don’t remember why I was so TAKE THE PICTURE about this setup but it’s my EPCOT mug with something tasty in it so let’s just leave it at that.

→ Christmas at Cracker Barrel 😍

→ This is a new friend that we were visiting

→ Christmas at Home Depot!!!!

→ Our new furever friend’s name tag

→ And her in her new coat/harness!

→ I was really excited about these spring rolls and they did not last very long

→ Disney Magical Express tags are here! Not that we use them – we’re a carry-on family.

→ I’m not in love…

→ I swear

→ Christmas at Costco!!!! (not sorry for the Christmas)

→ Andrew made some very yummy chocolate chip cookies!

→ Hello, yes, dream dress? It’s me you’re looking for


→ First fireplace of the season

→ Marshall was A+

→ Umm…Teavana had a sale. I needed tea so…

→ First pumpkin pie of the season! And it was only $6 for the biggest pie I’ve ever seen from Costco

→ Halloween costume! Representing my main house, Gryffindor, and my second house, Ravenclaw. Gryffinclaw 4 life. Also I love Luna.

→ My themed nails!

→ I had a brilliant idea to get some Walt Disney World pieces from my birth year since I’m turning 30 soon! I was not disappointed by what I found. I also collect Grand Floridian items and I’ve never seen that BRASS luggage tag that has Grand Floridian Beach resort (old name) engraved in it and it was from its opening year…1988!! I like Disney.

→ I had to go somewhere at Duke and I love those old buildings!

→ Went out with some friends and had a very moody coke with dinner

→ We got to go to a Harry Potter themed event and I love my Hogwarts letter clutch 😍

→ New dresses = pretty new patterns

→ We were lazy, therefore much pizza and garlic rolls were had (yes this was a highlight of the day pizza is A++++)


→ Picking up my mom from the airport takes me to my favorite place (spoiler: it’s the airport)

→ Lastly, the last day of the month meant that I filled up my first Project365 instax album!!!

That was October! Just like I said last month though, November is DEFINITELY going to be a much more exciting month than either September or October was because DISNEY WORLD 😉 Stay tuned for photos of Disney, exciting new toys, and photo fun.

Wishing you moody cokes,


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