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Photo Friday | Perspective is fun!

How about a different sort of post for today, eh? A few years back, my great friend Roxy and I went to DC for Independence Day and since she’s absolutely in love with Abraham Lincoln (kidding!) we had to visit his memorial! Knowing her love for that man I wanted to get a fun shot of her but wasn’t sure what to do other than just have her stand next to him. But once we saw his fist, and since this was the height of the fist bump craze, I decided to have a little fun with perspective.

Perspective can really make a boring shot fun!

Perspective can really make a boring shot fun!

Playing with perspective within photography is not that hard and it makes for some awesome shots. Of course I don’t mean the perspective as an idea, I mean it in the literal sense. Moving yourself or your subject to make a different sort of photo that may not necessarily be possible, it can also be called forced perspective. A really simple example of it would be when everyone and their brother “holds up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa. One of my favorite examples though would have to be the Camels Crossing the Sahara by Chris Johns. At first glance(s) you initially think the black figures are the camels, but when you look closely you’ll notice that those are the shadows! It’s such an astonishing photograph.

To get this shot, all I did was position Roxy in front of me and had her make her half of the fist bump in the air almost like she was raising her hand to ask a question. I then got down on my knees just a few feet away from her, as you’d have to be pretty short to get this kind of a shot up close (although Andrew would probably say I’m already that short). Then I just lined her fist up with Abe’s and hit the shutter button on my phone! It was SO easy and instead of getting a shot like this:

Please forgive...everything about this shot. It was 2010. I didn't know any better.

Please forgive…everything about this shot. It was 2010. I didn’t know any better.

You can have something that is be waaaaay more interesting.

So yay for perspective, right? It’s so much fun to play around with photography even when you don’t have a nice camera. These were taken on my old iPhone 3GS – which you can totally tell – and even though they certainly aren’t museum quality photos, they’re such fun memories and sometimes those are what is loved even more than the nicer shots. However, don’t discount nicer shots – I’d be in trouble then!

Now go out and play around with some perspectives and if you get anything good be sure to share it with me!

PS – Don’t tell anyone I’m in the witness protection program? Deal?

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  • Reply Patricia Jones

    You have always had a great eye for the coolest shots and angles. So proud of you!!

    May 5, 2014 at 9:08 pm
  • Reply kathycnc

    You write so well, Shantelle! You could put my knowledge of photography in a thimble (and have room left over) but this was so engagingly written, I read every word…and understood it!!! Score!

    May 6, 2014 at 3:02 pm
  • Reply Valerie Huesken

    Checking out your website and it is so exciting to see you have a passion for photography. You know you will be successful in life and I don’t mean just financially but in everything you do. It will be because of this passion-it will what motivates you and gives you energy, happiness and anything else you may wish for. We are not all this lucky. So proud of you and you look beautiful but then you always have!

    May 15, 2014 at 10:32 pm
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