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    June Highlights

    July has been so much kinder weather-wise than June was, so I can’t say I’m sad to see the over terrible temperatures disappearing in favor of rain showers. BYE JUNE. With June gone that also means that we are in serious Disneyland countdown mode. Like, 3 months. PLUS that means that our 5k is only 3 months away as well (and as of the holiday, less than that…eek). However now that I’m not as sick as I was for the end of June, we’ve started training for it for reals. Aww. yiss. Now that the complainin’/countdowns are out of the way, let’s look at what made June pretty flipping awesome (over 100 temperatures aside). Continue reading…

    north carolina museum of art summer movies

    Summer Fun: NCMA Movies

    I’ll be real with y’all: I find most of my fun outside of Raleigh. One huge exception to this is during the NCMA summer movie season. All year the North Carolina Museum of Art shows movies that are either in their indoor theatre or, the far superior area, outside on the “lawn” during summer. It’s all of $5/person, you can bring your own picnic, and all you have to do is enjoy the movie and whatever beverage/food you bring (aside from alcohol, obvs).

    north carolina museum of art summer movies

    We love going for just a couple of reasons. Let me count the ways. Continue reading…

    Gettin’ Health

    Life goal: feel as cute as our dance studio

    “Gettin’ Fit” is a much cuter name (and even the name of my exercise board on Pinterest) but can I be honest? I am sick of fitness. I need to do a lot more than just lower my mile time (like walk a mile while not eating candy ((I don’t do that))). There always seems to be a lot of focus nowadays on getting into the best fitness of your life and I’m just not interested. Fitness is a thing that is usually more defined by body mass and I’d rather have something a little more sustainable than a percentage. Ok off of the soapbox now and back to the real world 😉 Continue reading…

    learning more about capsule wardrobes pare down closet purge

    Learning More About the Capsule Wardrobe

    While it’s true that my personal end-goal is not a capsule wardrobe per se, I do like the idea of limiting yourself to only those pieces in your wardrobe that you love and that work together. The concept is pretty simple: you pare down your clothing, shoes, and accessories to 33 pieces total. It sounds terrifying but it’s actually not that bad! Since I’ve demolished and rebuilt my wardrobe I think I’m only at around 25 pieces total and I can still dress myself 7 days a week. Some people include PJs in that number and others don’t, while some people allow their accessories (like jewelry and bags) to be in a different category/number. It helps with streamlining your outfits (if you’re properly prepared), it feels great to not be overwhelmed by choices when trying to get dressed, and it is also pretty cool to be like “Yeah, I only have X pieces of clothes. It saves the Earth if you do. Don’t you?”

    Ok maybe it doesn’t save the Earth but you get the idea.

    When I first started researching capsule wardrobes I felt really overwhelmed, so I wanted to help those who might need some direction on getting started with a capsule wardrobe or just wanted to use some of the concept in their own closet. So, let’s start learning more about capsule wardrobes! Continue reading…

    road trip new bern trip review tryon palace waterfront downtown

    Trip Report: New Bern

    If you follow me on instagram you may have seen that Andrew surprised me with a weekend getaway to New Bern last weekend! We’ve been to New Bern on day trips but we’ve never stayed overnight so this was quite the treat. It was amazingly relaxing since it was a technology-free weekend (except for cameras) and I am a little sad to not be going back right this second, but we’ll be returning again in the future! The weekend was filled with great food, good shopping, and pretty amazing views, so let’s get on to it!

    road trip new bern trip review Continue reading…

    The Girl with the Yellow Bag

    Tomorrow marks the three year anniversary of my first date with a very special girl. Prior to our date we hadn’t met in person (we met online) and so to avoid any confusion she gave me a very specific directive to identify her: look for the girl with the yellow bag. We had arranged to meet for dinner and as usual I was running a few minutes behind schedule, but I still got to the restaurant early (which I found out later was due to Shantelle sitting in her car waiting for me to arrive first). I remember standing outside watching people pass by with a growing interest, looking for anyone carrying a yellow bag. It was exciting, but also nerve-wracking because I didn’t really know what to expect. And then I saw her. Continue reading…

    june highlights

    May Highlights

    Welcome to the last half of the year, y’all! All I know is I’m very excited because with June comes the last four months of wait before our first Disneyland trip (which I may attempt to vlog…hmm) and the last year and four months before our next cruise! Yep, even though I previously half lamented cruising, as of last night we booked our next cruise. I’m flippin’ pumped. 7 nights aboard the Disney Fantasy, my dream ship, in conceirge. I’m already drooling thinking of all the mango panna cotta I’ll be eating. I really wish I’d kept my notes from the last cruise though – I feel like there’s so much research to be redone now! Continue reading…

    quick inspiring ted talks by women

    5 TED Talks for Inspiration on Your Lunch Break

    Click through to see the full playlist on YouTube!

    We don’t always have time to dwell in the darkness that is just around the corner at times. Life is incredibly hard and we need to almost constantly be ready to get up and at ’em! Even when we really feel like empty milk containers getting kicked around the schoolyard or being filled up with poisonous things (which is usually done by our own hand). With that in mind, I wanted to compile just a few of my favorite TED Talks for inspiration from some really amazing women that cover topics from loving yourself, being yourself, and overcoming boundaries. Along with one from a rather famous frog that deals with creativity 😉

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll laugh/cry/groan and hopefully feel just a little better at the end of each of the videos. They are -relatively- quick (TED Talks, which have the most self-serving intro things I’ve ever seen, are rarely very short) and you can even watch them on a 30 minute lunch break. So, let’s get watching! Continue reading…