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On The Future…Of Here

Disclaimer: I’m not going to disappear! I figured I’d lead with that in case any of you faceless, awesome people who stick around and continually read along here (amazingly!) were worried. But there are going to be changes.

Growing up I was always writing; I fully believed that I would either be a writer or actress when I grew up. Sadly, when I moved to NC as a teen, I soon found myself rarely writing, acting, or doing anything creative other than taking photographs. A number of moons ago though I started a blog at Andrew’s insistence after he read a short story of mine. Later on when I started my business, many resources said that you should also blog to help boost your SEO, so I started blogging regularly. It really helped my SEO, but I found myself getting more passionate about writing the blog and more excited about comments/views on blog posts than I did about the inquiries received to photograph a life event.

Here’s where I lament a little

With the blog, I don’t feel like I’ve been blogging as personally as I did when I first started. There’s something to be said for beginning bloggers who don’t research “how” they should blog. I feel like I pigeonholed myself early on because I wanted to justify my posting by making everything be as helpful as possible, which is crazy! I should be able to just post cat pictures twice a week if I want to (I’d probably have a larger readership at that point too…hmm…) 😉 While I do want this place to be helpful to you as a reader, I want it to be personal, to showcase things in my life that I’m excited about and branch out into new things, because it’s fun to live!

With photography, I always loved photographing people I cared about but I’ve found over time that I prefer to photograph people one-on-one for the most part (except for elopements, they’re special). It allows me to get to know the person much better and showcase them in a way I may not be able to if there’s a huge group around. As much as I love photographing people though, I want to be going for a different kind of photography assignment than what I am currently. My original and enduring love is photographing places and the people in them. The places may not be able to talk but I can try to portray the feeling I have when I’m in them (that’s what he said). Which I’m not always able to do, but I certainly love to try. 🙂


Here’s where I make changes:

  • More personal posts: I’m not quite sure what that means yet, but it’s gonna happen. Once I figure it out.
  • Food posts! I love food. I also really enjoy making random things in the kitchen, mixing up recipes, and other fun things so I want to start incorporating what I do there, here! Plus, it’s an excuse to bake.
  • A new look and possibly new name. I will be thinking long and hard (that’s what he said) about this so it may not be changed for a while, but other tweaks will be coming to the website along the way.
  • Lastly, the thing I’m most nervous about: style posts. I have recently really started exploring my love for fashion and especially the fashion that sits on my body during the day, rather than others’. I will certainly talk more about this in the first post on the subject which will probably be sometime in June! And it’ll be terrible, as I’ll be a total newbie. 🙂

I will continue to post about travel and photography and such because I love those things. I’ve never been able to niche myself in real life, so why would I creatively?! These changes are more like additions that will give me the chance to explore other things that I love and y’all the chance to see some really bad photos as I try out new things! When I started blogging I never really had an end-game, I just wanted to have fun writing, meet cool people, and help/inspire somehow. Plus, I’m a super introverted person but blogging allows me to be extroverted while still remaining singular – kind of amazing, in my opinion!

So there you have it: ch-ch-ch-changes! I hope y’all are as excited about the future as I am. Now tell me: is there anything in particular you’d like to see here?

Wishing you blissful newbie-ness,


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