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On Nouns & Inspiration

This month has been pretty crazy in terms of life. But isn’t that always the case? On top of everything I’m currently doing I decided to participate in the #lovetober Instagram challenge by Gala Darling. I’ve been following this awesome blogger for a number of years now and she only gets better! #lovetober stems from her Radical Self Love belief (which we should all get a little of!) and so far it’s been a fun ride. Day 10’s prompt of “Your Inspiration” got me thinking though.

What is my inspiration?

We all have dreams and aspirations and things we hope to accomplish, but what is it that drives us to those things? What inspires us to get our butts off the couch and use the elliptical or choose kale over Doritos or even start a business? Inspiration, much like motivation, can be both fickle and overwhelming. Things get started and then fizzle or they take over your life. The entirety of a person’s life can change with a leaf falling or a person showing them what “can” be done. How is that possible? That something insignificant to someone else can push you to the brink (in a good way)?

I’ve always had a little trouble with inspiration: it tends to take me on a whim and then drop me in an instant halfway through. I’ve been inspired to learn instruments, move, cut my hair, change jobs, and even start my life as a writer and photographer. So far that last bit has stuck (hopefully to the betterment of my life and the occasional amusement of yours, dear reader) but what made me inspired to do all of these things that don’t always work out?

Nouns. People, places, and things.

I was inspired by Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance to learn bass (that didn’t last very long). I am always inspired by different places to keep exploring and capture people or places in new ways each and every time I step foot off a plane or out of my car. And I’m constantly inspired to (TRY) to stay kind and open to others and experiences because of my little statues of Ganesha. A simple trinket with a boat-load of meaning. I am constantly inspired by people and their overwhelming ability to be superheroes without capes and without even realizing what they’ve done. I’ve been to Disney World a million times but the fact that this physical place came into being from a thought in one man’s imagination to many thoughts in many people’s imaginations and hard work is astounding. I will never stop being inspired by something so tiny becoming something so awe-inspiring.

When I’m asked what my inspiration is, no I don’t have a straight answer. Because the answer is everything. So, dear reader, can you tell me your inspiration?

Wishing you kindness without capes,


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  • Reply kathy/NorthCarolina

    I am inspired by many different things, but light, color and pattern always seem to spark the flame for me. Whether it is in cooking, paper play or home decor, I love putting these three elements together. Inspiration leads to motivation and when you follow those things with dedication to completion….well, it’s magic. You can be inspired all day long, but what if Disney’s inspiration hadn’t been followed through? What if he had given up? I think when you find your true inspiration, you also find the motivation and dedication required to finish the task. Part of the “fun” in this journey of life is trying out different ideas until you finally find the one that kindles that divine flame!

    October 12, 2014 at 8:08 am
    • Reply Shantelle Marie

      You are so right! It’s so fun trying out new things and even if they don’t spark, you still tried it and it ultimately leads you in the right direction!

      October 25, 2014 at 12:26 pm

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