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Because No One Makes New Year Resolutions

Happy 2015 (again)! I’m sure everyone says this at some point about a year but 2015 feels pretty great, y’all. At least so far ūüôā 2014 passed in a crazy haze that felt like so much happened and yet not enough, but I’m determined to make 2015 a great year and full of development – not just milestones. Last year was definitely a year that I needed to have some wins (or at least show of progress) so I could get here, where I’m comfortable enough to start really working on some of my long-term goals and overall smarts. I say smarts because good lord I’ve been saying I’m going to learn French for years and I think it’s about time to make that happen! I’m going with goals for this year instead of the normal new year resolutions though.¬†It’s so easy to rest on the “I resolve to do X” when it doesn’t really mean it’s ever going to happen, just that we’d like it to. Goals feel much more concrete and continuing – even if you’re striving for a goal and don’t make it all the way at least you’ve made some progress. I mean sheesh, my “resolution” could be to have a bikini body¬†by summer but I¬†already have that by having a body! Resolutions seem fleeting and passing and usually get stuck in January. Goals are something we can start working on now and continue sustaining for as long as we need.

On that note, let’s look at the goals I’m focusing on for 2015!

1. Start journaling. I magically found an adorable Moleskine 2015 Minnie Mouse Daily Planner¬†at Barnes & Noble on the 1st (last one in the store and half off!!) that I’ve actually been keeping up with writing in everyday! It’s quite a bit more cathartic than I thought it would be and since I have to limit it to one page it’s not all that much of a time commitment. I actually just do this right before I konk out for the night!

2. Eat healthier – sustainably. Diets suck and honestly aren’t sustainable. Following that vein of though we have started a Paleo diet (in the sense of what we eat, not what diet is now known as) and I’ve seen such a difference in my general health as well as weight just by going 80/20 with it. We had discussed doing a Whole30 but I think we’re going to wait until we’ve recovered from the holiday “Oh crap, we forgot to get a present for X!” (and you know X is super needy too). It can be more expensive in a way since we’ve started purchasing higher quality food/organic/actually natural items (seriously, please read the label on “natural” foods, you might be surprised at what passes as natural) but we’re¬†also buying less junk and filler food so it seems to wash out the cost difference. We’re getting fuller on less and let’s be real – drinking water from home saves so much over buying 2-liters. Even if you have to get Mango Pineapple Lipton Tea drink flavors or you’ll give up on life. Plus, Trader Joes is actually surprisingly affordable when you do cost comparisons on many of their items and I’m obsessed with their dried cranberries.

3. Go blond (or red). I mean, it’s required to do something drastic with your hair every other year, right? I’ve been pinning (way) too many options on my Pinterest board lately, eesh!

4. Work on French (be able to eavesdrop). I read something pretty awesome in the book Parisians, he had picked up enough French by living in Paris that he was able to eavesdrop. I feel like that’s a pretty high level of language knowledge, so I’m going with that as a benchmark now. ūüôā I’ve started using Duolingo on my phone each morning and it’s going great! I also have Rosetta Stone waiting for me to come back on my computer. Sorry, Rosetta.

5. Complete 30 Days of Yoga. Yep, totally didn’t start on January 1 but I’m hoping these videos will be up for a while so I can start a little later in the month! 30 days of gettin’ my yogi on, y’all.

6. Add an additional $1500 to savings this year on top of our regular contribution (while still working on getting debt-free). We are working on beginning the Dave Ramsey system of saving and paying things off so we can live even better than we are now – which by that I mean travel obvs. We’re also going to be attending an upcoming date of Financial Peace University later in January, which I’m super excited about! We are doing the 52 Week Money Challenge that has been around since the beginning of time to help get that extra bit in. It might be more challenging towards the end of the year, but I’m very ready for the challenge.

7.¬†Find a spiritual home. I don’t know what it is about this year but I’ve felt a big pull to explore my spirituality again and Andrew has as well. I was raised Christian but explored many other religions and found a great affinity towards Ganesha and Hinduism as a whole, however I have been missing a “church” home. We’ve been visiting¬†different options nearby including The Summit Church and Christ Episcopalian Church and doing quite a bit of reading as well. It’s been really fun to undertake all of this together and I’m excited to see how it progresses!

8. Go to Disneyland. We loooove visiting WDW (as if you couldn’t tell) and though I’ve been well over 40 times in my life, I’ve never been to Disneyland! We are going to rectify that so hard this year. Plus, we love the Halloween party (costumes and candy – yes, please) so we’ll be going during September/October time. If y’all have tips feel free to share!

9.¬†Declutter & de-own. I will be writing about this very soon (and I have in the past) but I feel so tied down when I have too much stuff, especially when it all feels so unneeded! This year I’m going to make it a point to pare down to what we really need and what feels right to keep in our life. No more needless items around here!

Overall I think a 9 item list for goals (aka more solid new year resolutions) is pretty good and manageable since there are 12 months in this year. I mean, I also would love to pass my classes but that’s always on my goal list ūüėČ I’m so excited (goodness, could I use that word anymore?) about what this year has in store and to get to steppin’ on these goals. Have you made any goals for this year that you’re already working on?

Wishing you spinning tea cups and super saving accounts,


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