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New Year Goals for the All New 2018!

It’s 2018! And with the new year we all know what that means: New Year goals!! I’m limiting this year’s goals to only 6 in an attempt to successfully complete all of them. The last New Year goals I posted had some success, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Below the jump are all six of my New Year goals, along with my word for 2018!

1. French – I swear I really, really want to learn French in more than a Fren-glish capacity. Since before the 2018 (by a month) I’ve been working on a Duolingo streak, along with using their app TinyCards. It’s been helping a lot! Throughout the year I want to continue working at this, and beginning to work the French workbooks I’ve bought. While we can’t afford classes, I can certainly afford to spend time learning on my own!

2. Project365 – I’ve been on track to finish my Project365 on time: August 31, 2018! I just need to keep up the good work, take photos, and finish!

3. Less – I still don’t consider myself a minimalist, though I still try to attain that oh-so-allusive title bit by bit. This is similar to my ongoing goals, but I’m looking to buy less, purge more, get better quality, and make less impulse buys. When making purchases I want to make sure they bring vitality and usefulness, rather than just being another thing. So, I’m working towards that this year! It’ll just be a little hard getting rid of some of our knick-knacks. I’m far too sentimental.

4. Reading – I tried to read a book a month in 2017, but I failed after about 3 months. Oops. For this year I already have plenty of options on my Kindle and many more samples of books I’d like to get eventually. For January I’ve got up Becoming a Woman of Simplicity by Cynthia Heald.

5. Disney for 30 – We have a trip planned for my 30th birthday at Disney – specifically at my favorite resort, the Grand Floridian! I AM SO READY FOR THIS. So really we just need to keep on track with saving for it and then go! More basically, I need to be patient and not jump a much earlier plane to get down there.

6. Walking – A few years ago on DisBoards I found a thread talking about doing a “walk” to Disney from home. Basically you map out the distance between your home and a park/the resort and divide that up by 365 days. Then you have what your daily goal is for walking! I was going to put this off to 2019, but Andrew convinced me to just get out and do it starting January 1! My total: 639 miles, or 1.75m/day. Eep.

→ Bonus: my word for 2018: Trust

What are your goals for 2018?

Wishing you plenty of pixie dust for the new year,


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