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Music Can Fix It! | Depression Cure-All

Music seemingly can either cure you or break you. Have you had that experience with a song? For most of my life I’ve suffered with pretty bad depression and if you have as well you know that it’s not easy. If you’ve never experienced it – I envy you. You can find a pretty succinct explanation of depression by reading the comics/posts by Allie Bosh: Part 1 and Part 2, if you’d like. You never really seem to get away from it. Everyday can be a challenge (I joke that I’m a functioning depressive, thanks acting!) I consistently have the thoughts of “I’m too happy, this won’t last, something will go wrong.” Things have gotten a bit better since I met Andrew and he really started to try and understand what depression is. He didn’t come from a background of dealing with these issues so I can’t really blame him for not understanding it right away – hell, my mom still has issues with understanding it!

When I have days (or weeks) where I feel like I can’t escape the black hole, I turn to music. Some of these songs I’ve been listening to for almost 10 years and they STILL keep me going. Because of this, I thought I’d share some of the songs I listen to when I’m at my worst. Some of these songs keep me steady and some pump me up. Please enjoy my depression music playlist (this sounds depressing in itself, I promise not all of these songs are sad!).

What’s Happiness Anyways?
(I’m so deep, y’all)
• Tomorrow Will Be Kinder – The Secret Sisters • Eileen – The Hush Sound • Do Me a Favor – Arctic Monkeys • Let It Rain – OK Go • Hate Everyone – Say Anything • Do Better – Say Anything • Oh So Insistent – Andrew Bird • Helicopter – The Feeling • Better – Regina Spektor • Panic – Pistolita • Shut-Up and Smile – Bowling for Soup • Everything Is Alright – Motion City Soundtrack

Listen to the playlist on Spotify in this nifty embed thingy!

Sadly, Panic isn’t available on Spotify but you can listen to it here if you’re curious. Warning: these are all pretty diverse types of music! I think most of these you could’ve found on Warped Tour if you were going around 2005-2006. I am no music elitist!

Rather than explaining why I listen to each song I will just tell you that Everything Is Alright has to be one of the TOP songs that I listen to, sad or not. The lyrics are pretty spot on for some issues and even when I’m happy it’s just great. So if you listen to no other song, do me a solid and listen to that one  🙂

That’s all I’m saying for today – it’s a shortie! I hope you all are well and if you’re ever not, there is always someone to talk to. But now it’s your turn! What songs do you listen to when you need a pick-me-up?

Wishing you a music cure-all,


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