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mani pit bull mixed breed best dog ever lbr

March Highlights

So apparently when you make a March Madness bracket you’re supposed to actually try and understand who you’re picking for what. Amusingly enough I’ve lost almost every single round with the exception of one pick…which is in the final four! I guess I’m just really skilled at randomly picking the winner based on teams I dislike. In not so exciting news though, with April comes the allergy demons! The poor dude has a war waging in his sinuses thanks to the weather being as indecisive as when I’m trying to decide where to eat when I’m already hungry. Now, let’s check out the real highlights from March 😉

The Month

→ March passed in quite a little blur, didn’t it? While we got a lot done, I don’t think I got to do a lot. Mostly there was studying for midterms, very long papers, and a yard sale that took a LOT of prep – but it was quite successful! We purged quite a bit at the sale but still ended up heading to Goodwill with the entirety of our back seat and trunk packed up for donation. 🙂

Erin Condren Notebooks keep it simple deluxe viva espana island fleur

→ The newest line of Erin Condren Notebooks came out!!! I was way too flippin’ excited once launch day came around. Since I’ve never gotten one before, I ended up with both the Simple (in island fleur, above right) & Deluxe (in viva españa, above left) in 7×9″, and they should be shipping any day now! Expect an unboxing and review once they arrive. Let’s hope these cuties tide me over until the 2015/2016 Erin Condren Life Planners release in June this year! Also, there’s a 40% off sale for the 2015 planners right now & if you want to save $10 off your first order you can sign up through my referral link! Yay savings 🙂

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→ Date night has been incredibly budget-friendly since we found out about Regal’s Value Day at our local theatre! The haps (at least at our theatre): tickets are $6/person ALL DAY. ALL DAY! Plus, if you’re a Regal Crown Club member your ticket is $5 and you also get crazy awesome deals for concessions. Like, how could we not take advantage of that? The cherry on top has to be the basically empty theatre since it’s on a Tuesday, and who goes to see movies on a Tuesday? …Other than us.

disney world disney cruise line happily ever after scrapbook

→ I didn’t get a chance to shoot with my “real” camera all month *insert smallest violin overture here*. April will definitely be changing that though! I’ve got Explorations to do 😉 I’ve also finally been making use of the scrapbook book Andrew got me years ago. I basically just throw all the random bits of mementos into it so they’re not so spread out anymore. I’m like, the best minimalist ever.

mani pit bull mixed breed best dog ever lbr

→ Mani is really freaking cute y’all. He hasn’t grown out of it yet!

The Articles

• I love these tips for stocking up on “real” foods!

• I’m only crying a little over this great post at Imagineering Disney of Walt at Disneyland. PS – you should follow ID. Amazingness will ensue.

• When can we all visit this amazingly interactive museum? They encourage interacting with the pieces and taking selfies!!

• I adore my beautiful Nikon, but this post on mirrorless cameras for travel photography has me wanting to make a big purchase other than the Sigma Art 35mm 1.4.

• The title might sound like clickbait but this post on Energy in a Spoon was spot ON. The dude & I have started adding two spoonfuls of this mix to our morning smoothies and we really do stay fuller longer and get an energy burst. I may do a post on it someday but until then, explore!

• If you wanna be super cool and watch how Walt Disney Pictures’ logo has changed throughout the years, click!

• I need to actually try this wooden spoon DIY. Andrew inheirited some spoons from his mom when he first moved out of his parents and we still use them today because wooden spoons are the best. ever. However, they’re not all that cute as-is.

• This message from the past is inspiring. I totally want to leave behind something like this.

• I really want to be a runner (or at least a jogger) and this piece reenforced that for some reason. I need to get back out there!

Did anything exciting happen in your March?

Wishing you inspiring messages,


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