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Life in Squares: November

Can anyone tell me how December is here??? Didn’t 2014 just start? I feel like this year has flown by…although I do hear myself saying that more often than not lately. I guess that’s one of the things that happens when you get older (because 26 is oh-so-old, y’all). On topic of the actual Life in Squares post though, I’m supah excited. The Lighthouses are a new segment that will be included with the Instagram recap of my month! Read on to find out what that will include, right after the Squares!

The Squares


• The month started out awesome: hello new frames! I officially don’t hate how I look in glasses anymore. Thanks Zenni Optical! • Tyler’s Taproom ended my #100HappyDays… • Along with this sneak peek from the styled shoot! Such a fun time! • I saw the dude-cutie of this gorgeous couple (ignore the old logo) in a commercial so I obviously reposted their adorableness…because that makes sense…right? • My first and last espresso. That stuff is hardcore. • SAY HELLO TO PANDA WHO IS THE CUTEST CUDDLIEST PIT BULL YOU EVER DID SEE.


• Then I went to Disney World!! Here’s a super short video I took during out takeoff from RDU. • Snow on Main Street. • The castle…cause duh. • And my favorite airport, MCO. Which I miss greatly right now.


• The dude surprised me with tickets to Cinderella!! It was so fun and a very glittery night because when else do you have reason to wear your sparkliest heels? • THERE IS A PUBLIX IN NC. •  Asheville and the Biltmore for Thanksgiving! FYI: Biltmore is like dead on Thanksgiving. And I’m officially a passholder there. Those two things don’t relate, I’m just really proud. • Exploring Asheville! • I got flowers! And my Tobacco Campus post got found BY the Tobacco Campus! YAY!

The Lighthouses

I’ll be including a roundup of different articles, videos, etc that I found to be interesting in the past month! Hopefully you’ll enjoy these articles and tidbits as much as I have but if not then move onto the next lighthouse 🙂

• New favorite Christmas song/video ever

• I’ve been revamping my wardrobe and am SO intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe

• These cheesy balls of awesome are perfect for a holiday party!

• A really thoughtful article about confidence levels holding back your business.

• Get started on your resolution to reorganize your home!

• I found this video on the “Instagram Generation” and it’s SO awesome.

• Lovelovelove this talk about minimalism (life-wise).

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed the new section of this post and as always, feel free to let me know how it’s working for you.

Wishing you many hours of gameplay (because you’re gonna be so organized in 2015),


PS – If you’re curious about why I chose “lighthouses” here’s a little clue as to why. *Be warned: Spoilers!!* Basically, 1: BioShock Infinite and 2: Super cool beacons of light in the vast, terrifying ocean that the internet can be. (But mostly BioShock because how can I do anything without a reference to BS:I?)

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