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Life in Squares: October

Can anyone tell me how it’s already time to put up my Life in Squares recap of October??? Didn’t we just start looking forward to pumpkins and costumes and Hocus Pocus? This also means that I have 2 days left in #100HappyDays. TWO DAYS, y’all! Now, before we jump in to this month’s Life in Squares a warning: I’m going to be changing up how I work these cool square posts in the future so please bear with me as the jackhammer that is my brain tries to figure out how it would best like to hack at the posts. 🙂

life in squares october

• Did you know that for a few weeks Target had kitten cardigans and they were ON SALE? • Basically this month was made up of workworkwork and lots of injuries – sadly I didn’t get to participate in the Color Run because of it 🙁 • However thanks to the many injuries I did get to cook an insane amount of cookies! • We also finally hung up our vows and some of our wedding shots as well! • Another injury, another reflection on deliciously yummy breakfasts at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

life in squares october

• My crazy amount of things that need to be worked on pile before deciding that sleep was a little more important than checking off another to do item. • The chiropractor I’ve been visiting for years who helped get my back out of the muscle spasm that was plaguing it for days. • Game night! • I never knew I would be so happy to have an inhaler in the house. Andrew has pretty severe asthma at times and this thing is a life saver (especially since he was without one for over a month). • PUMPKINS. • I washed Duffy inside of a tied delicates bag inside of a tied pillowcase so obviously this is how I found him when the load was finished.

life in squares october

• Our Disney Magical Express tickets came in the mail for my mom and I’s girls trip that is now in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!

life in squares october

• DATE NIGHT AT KANKI! yumyumyum • For my one year post-op appointment I got a 10% discount for the Envision Center at my doctor’s office. So I went a little overboard. • My knee was hurt so I was very excited to find this in the mail as a distraction! • The bottom three are basically me appreciatin’ the dude.

life in squares october

• And then the magic bands came! As much as I don’t really like the bands it does give me another marker for how close the trip is. PS – isn’t the Haunted Mansion cover band AWESOME? • FAIR TIMES. • One year surgiversary! • Teasing Diamond with cotton candy (and now teasing myself with it because there isn’t anymore). • Late night explorations around town! • Christmas trees/displays/etc are my favorite part of this season.

life in squares october

• UM. The new Taylor Swift album is AMAZING. I picked up this lady at 7:30AM to be at Target bright and early for our copies.

life in squares october

• Some variations on the awesome views I’ve been privy to lately. Like, how can that sky and weather be so flipping cool? Seriously.

life in squares october

• Finally, on the last day of the month, I was injury-free enough to try my hand (body) at yoga again. I had found this simple enough seeming video earlier in the month but due to my ankle/knee/back I kept having to push off trying it. Yesterday morning I was able to throw on some leggings and get on my symmetrically amazing mat and do it. Let me just tell you this: I feel really bad for hating on it all these years. Look for the full post on it soon!

So what made your October special, dear reader?

Wishing you sparkly Christmas lights,


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    October was special because:
    1. Pink hair
    2. Austin TX and Mariss
    3. NFG concert
    4. The Story So Far concert

    November 3, 2014 at 12:09 am
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