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Life in Squares: July & #100HappyDays

I LOVE Instagram. It’s probably my favorite social media outlet & I probably also follow way too many people on it. I also probably say “Lemme insti this shit” way too often and sadly realize that no one I’ve spoken too has heard that term and are often quite put off by it until I explain what I mean. It’s always so much fun for me to look back and see what I did/thought was interesting or when I follow new people checking out the same things for them! Because of these reasons, I thought this might be a fun installment: sharing my month by way of Instagram! So without further cliched ado, let’s take a look at my life in squares for July!

july instagram

• Someone decided to #shareacoke with us & Andrew felt it was very accurate! • The view from my office in downtown is pretty killer • Waiting for my giveaway to end! • Mailing said giveaway • Exploring Lake Benson with Andi of Andi Andersen Photography in a storm • Shooting headshots with another awesome photog, Dawn of Chronicles Photography • Again, I’m in love with my downtown office! • A mini throwback to Andrew & I’s visit to Fredericksburg – I was obsessed with these veiny trees at the Fredericksburg Battlefield!

#100happydays july instagram

On July 25th, I began #100HappyDays! So far am totally in love with it. I really enjoy that I’m consciously thinking about what has made me happy and I’m choosing specifically. I also am using it to give myself a two-part challenge: taking a photo every day & getting better at styling photos.

• Andrew surprised me with this AMAZING Kate Spade bag that is now my favorite ever • Up SUPER late planning & working on my photography business and fun possibilities with Andi • Getting out Andrew & I’s suitcases for our NY trip (we both travel in carry-on style only, but we actually ended up only using one of our cases for this week-long trip!) • Planning and packing lists with my gorgeous planner & the new cover I got for it • An amazing marigold found in my mom’s garden • An awesome lady that provided me with a much better day than I thought I’d have!

#100happydays july instagram

And lastly, here’s Andrew posing with our “family” bag. I got it for him on our honeymoon as a surprise since we arrived in our Disney hotel on the same night as our wedding – it was so great (and someday I’ll have to do a trip review of it)! This #100HappyDays insti was just yesterday before we left on our road trip to NY. We’re actually at the midway stop over now in DC at the not so horrible Holiday Inn Central as I type this! We’re going up for Andrew to meet some more of my family and to also have a reception for our wedding up there. I’m super excited to show Andrew around, and his birthday is in just a few short days – he’ll be 30 this year!

I’ve had so much fun sharing my past month! If you want to follow me, you can find me at ShantelleClementine on Instagram, where being square is cool 😛 Now it’s your turn – what did you have fun with this past July?

Wishing you a great amount of squares to share,


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