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Life in Squares: August Instagram

It is time for the second installment of “My Life in Squares” of my August Instagram! As you might recall, last month I started participating in #100HappyDays. I didn’t know how I would like it, or if I’d even be able to continue it but I am now 39 days in and really enjoying it! I have found it really does make me more conscious of what has made me happy that day – even if I find an old photo that symbolizes what is lifting me up.

Since I started #100HappyDays it’s also turned Instagram into a bit of a photo journal for me and I couldn’t love it anymore. It’s wonderful to have mini-moments in time put up for easy review. It makes it even easier to recall all the great things that happened that day! It really has been so interesting to start this and I’m excited to see where it takes me in the remaining ~60 days. Now, let’s get on to the look-back, where it’s cool to be square!

niagara falls new york ny washington dc travel sunset

• Driving up to Buffalo for our reception and the sky decided to say a nice “Welcome back!” • Downtown Buffalo has some pretty awesome graffiti • A shot from our reception at Lockport Canal, absolutely gorgeous out on the patio! • A surprise for Andrew’s birthday: stopping at Niagara Falls on the way back from Buffalo • A last-minute hotel booking at the Morrison-Clark Inn turned into an amazing 2 day DC stay

wedding anniversary marriage

• August 6th was our 6 month wedding anniversary! I have plans to recap our honeymoon soon, but in the meantime revel in an insti recap of our big day and 2 week trip. Sadly the app I used killed the photo quality, but oh well!

may designs photobooth

• My first May Designs notebook arrived (which is being used as our budget notebook) and I’m IN LOVE! I ordered two more which will pop up soon! • Photobooth play with a lovely lady • It rained and therefore playing in puddles with your husband is a necessity.

clic conference travel virginia alexandria

• Dawn & I making our way up to the CLIC Conference happened upon my new favorite water! Yep, that’s not alcohol! • Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria is my absolute new favorite place EVER (ish) • The styled shoot at CLIC was SO much fun! This was a snap of an invitation set up I did (didn’t design, just styled and shot this!) • I got hurt pretty badly in Alexandria but I didn’t break anything! YAY! • How precious is the Lavender Moon Cupcakery in Old Town Alexandria? (Answer: too)


• BONFIRE AND MARSHMALLOWS! • Exciting planning for a wedding I’ll be shooting in just a few weeks! • Visiting my fave friend out in Newton Grove and I finally stopped to get a shot of this old advert on the side of a building • Part of my desk! And the other two May Designs notebooks that I adore.


• A quick, mid-week trip out to Wilmington for some head-clearing time


• Awesome card from the dude! Look at all that die-cut yummy. • Found my new favorite sign at Walmart. • Woke up at 430AM for some reason and decided to bake cookies. My family’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe is the best! • This is perhaps the BEST greeting card I’ve ever received! • Did you know Rita’s Ice is the BEST italian ice/gelato place in the state? Because they have rainbow sprinkles and bubble gum italian ice sooo…go. • Reminiscing about how I am unable to cut a cake and how Andrew almost died laughing about how I am unable to cut a cake.


• This one’s easy: massive skies at home! • Crazy long drives with the dude are always enjoyable & we tend to start discussing some dorky stuff. • Date night at Videri Chocolate downtown has given me my new life motto (also their branding is drool-worthy). • Playing with macro lenses on my phone! This is my apparently creepy and cool tattoo and my skin. • COLORING BOOKS • I finally get something in math and my Entrepreneurship course!

Overall August was a crazy month but each day there was something great that happened! Greatness isn’t always a huge thing like getting married or winning a prize. Often it’s simply getting up, making the decision to be happy, and then finding little things that reaffirm that choice. How was your August?

Wishing you drool-worthy skies,


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