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Learning More About the Capsule Wardrobe

While it’s true that my personal end-goal is not a capsule wardrobe per se, I do like the idea of limiting yourself to only those pieces in your wardrobe that you love and that work together. The concept is pretty simple: you pare down your clothing, shoes, and accessories to 33 pieces total. It sounds terrifying but it’s actually not that bad! Since I’ve demolished and rebuilt my wardrobe I think I’m only at around 25 pieces total and I can still dress myself 7 days a week. Some people include PJs in that number and others don’t, while some people allow their accessories (like jewelry and bags) to be in a different category/number. It helps with streamlining your outfits (if you’re properly prepared), it feels great to not be overwhelmed by choices when trying to get dressed, and it is also pretty cool to be like “Yeah, I only have X pieces of clothes. It saves the Earth if you do. Don’t you?”

Ok maybe it doesn’t save the Earth but you get the idea.

When I first started researching capsule wardrobes I felt really overwhelmed, so I wanted to help those who might need some direction on getting started with a capsule wardrobe or just wanted to use some of the concept in their own closet. So, let’s start learning more about capsule wardrobes!

Starting to purge

I reeeeally love watching purge videos and I think Jen has some of the most satisfying! Watch her purge her wardrobe and her beauty products.

Are you thinking “What am I supposed to even get rid of??” I got you covered. Franish wrote a pretty amazing post on how to effectively clean out your closet.

Questions to ask and what to do with your clothes while you’re getting rid of the heaviness that is that dress you’ve had since college and you hate but you might wear it somewhere. Except you won’t, so toss it.

What do I even like?

Before going in and building a wardrobe based around minimalism, I’d recommend you have a good idea of what it is you like to wear. So before you even buy/decide how many sequin tops you need, find out what you really like and want to wear.

Want to space it out? Here’s a 2 week program to upgrade your wardrobe.

You can work on developing a signature style which will really come in handy as trends come and go. And then come back again.

Franish again! Define your style.

The absolute basics

These are all on the same thing: building a capsule wardrobe. Please forgive the lack of glorified clickbait 😉

You’re going to see a lot of Into Mind in this post because she’s amazing.

An example and tips on building your new tiny wardrobe! Side note: I reaaaaally love xoJane. I don’t know why.

Unfancy has been doing this for a while. Her style is very monotone but her tips/rules are great nonetheless!

For men specifically

Men are flipping lucky. They have all the options in the world and they’re streamlined options too. Cue the “ughhhhhhhhhhhhh”. They can even have 20 outfits with only 20 pieces for summer and they don’t have to wear shirts, stupid societal constructs.

Sometimes I’m jealous of the ease that men can have in rebuilding a wardrobe, but then I remember dresses and I feel better 😉

They can also streamline their capsule wardrobe. Sorry, men’s things are boring so it’s hard to come up with witty captions.

Actually wearing the clothes

I looooove this post on building outfits from clothes you already have. The tip on not buying season-specific clothing literally changed my life.

Yes, you can have a capsule wardrobe and still dress up – or down!

This site is AMAZING for ideas on pairing items together. I’m obsessed with scrolling through different posts looking for inspiration. No matter what your style you should be able to find at least a little nugget of an idea!

Do you like sudoku? Then get ready to do it with your clothes. Getting dressed becomes nothing more than a game!*

*like a really, really hard game. before coffee too, which I don’t even drink but ugh y’all, I really don’t like sudoku.

Books to get you started

My new favorite book has to be The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It certainly touches on clothing but it also expands into other areas of pare-down-ability. Read it, love it.

And in case you want more people to tell you what to do, find more books here!

In reality though, use these sites as inspiration and not hard and fast rules. There is no law that to have a capsule wardrobe you can only have 33 items. Make a wardrobe that works for you, big or small! As long as it makes you feel good about what you own and not tied down or overwhelmed, that’s all that matters. Even if you wear the exact same thing everyday (which I would do sometimes because y’all, t-shirts + maxi skirt = comfy heaven happiness).

Have you been tweaking your closet or even switched to a capsule wardrobe? Let me know how!

Wishing you so many purge videos that you feel super happy (and cleansed),


PS – to end on an upper, let’s watch one of my favorite videos ever that I refound when searching for that Chris Traeger “Literally” video:

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