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January Highlights

Well everyone, January is gone like Donkey Kong. We are progressing full speed into 2015 and I am so happy for it! The dude & I have many exciting things on the horizon and it’s only a matter of getting through time before we can get to them 🙂 Thankfully January was much less hectic as November and December, but it was still pretty busy! Our days have been filled with schoolwork, plan making, and new adventures such as attending the Financial Peace University – that’s right, we’re working on our New Years Goals!

The Photos

downtown raleigh nc raleigh photographer january

→ Mucking about in downtown Raleigh can be quite rewarding when you’ve got that morning light that I like goin’ on.

downtown raleigh nc raleigh photographer january

→ Working on those minimalism goals and my insta-photography is hard – but quite rewarding! I need to break out my camera more often but a phone is so handy sometimes.

january highlights

→ This was a month of less than healthy food – moreso than December somehow! Our newest tradition is cheese fries at Denny’s after church (or Jesus & Cheese Fries, if you prefer). Since we attend the early service we beat the crowds!

→ And since the embedding doesn’t work, please click to see Manolo being a very adorable weirdo.

The Articles

• I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to travel. Kayak’s Travel Hacker is the perfect solution for all kinds of travel research!

• This has to be my new favorite morning yoga routine. It is SO relaxing!

• 11 abandoned places in North Carolina that I obviously need to visit ASAP.

• While it has somewhat questionable wording, this Buzzfeed article with real healthy snacks (not just rice cakes) has me drooling.

• I’m gonna need to make this apple & rosemary buttermilk bread recipe by Local Milk. YUM.

• Feast yer eyes on Orlando’s Orchid Garden. Like seriously, how absolutely gorgeous is this place?

• I hadn’t heard about Alt Summit before, but after reading Jen’s post I super wanna go. It looks like an awesome conference for bloggers!

• Somehow the article about Elle rebooting their brand is really flippin’ inspiring.

• History/Mythology/Religion nerd alert: a Norse temple is being built for the first time in over 1,000 years in Iceland.

• I had left the Patriots behind but I think I’m back. I’m in love with Malcolm Butler. Bonus, he visited Disneyland with the also adorable Julian Edelman to celebrate the huge win for the Pats!

Well, that’s all folks. January has moved on and so must I…or at least I need to go work on some Marketing notes.

What did you get around to reading and doing in January?

Wishing you Disneyland parades and cute circus barkers,


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