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Hotel Crush: Disneyland Hotel

Y’all. As of my most recent review, I am officially a Hotel Expert on TripAdvisor! This is the best day of my life. I would like to thank all the hotels that helped me get to this point and the pillows I was able to sleep on (both bad and good) that allowed me to review them. Whether you were down, down-alternative, or unknown, you are beautiful and never let any bedspread tell you differently. All of this hotel excitement leads me to something else I’m excited for…Disneyland! I have managed (with some fancy DVC point-finagling) to have us staying at all THREE Disneyland properties. That’s right: Paradise Pier, followed by Grand Californian, and lastly the one, the only, my dream hotel, Disneyland Hotel. I have been crushing on the Disneyland Hotel since I even found out that it was a real thing. 

This retro dream opened October 3rd, 1955, just shy of four months after Disneyland originally opened. While Disneyland wasn’t built with pennies, it sure wasn’t built with a $100 bill. Due to budgetary constraints, Disneyland began being surrounded by hotels wanting to pick up on the profits of the popular theme park. While none of them were owned by Disney, only one benefited from a deal between Walt Disney & Jack Wrather which allowed the hotel to hold the Disney name: Disneyland Hotel. Although it wasn’t part of the The Walt Disney Company until 1988 it’s always held a place in my heart (especially since I wasn’t born until ’88). The hotel is comprised of three towers that after a few revisions are named (and rightly so) after different areas of the park: Adventure Tower, Frontier Tower, and Fantasy Tower. Regardless of who owns/ed it or what the names of the towers are, the Disneyland Hotel is absolutely gorgeous. I just want to sit and stare at it all day (as long as I’ve already been to the park of course). Even though most parts of the original hotel no longer exist due to some extensive plastic surgery/renovations, the hotel boasts connection to the park via monorail which opened way back in 1961. Because why walk 10ish minutes when you can ride a freaking monorail?

There’s a pool and kid’s area and let’s be real: I don’t care about that because what I really want to talk about are the rooms. The things I have been daydreaming about laying down in since the renos made them something out of my dreams. Since I learned that the headboards sing you to sleep like something out of Beauty & the Beast (because while they sing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, Cinderella was not into creepy talking furniture like B&tB was).

While we’re talking rooms, I’d be remiss to not mention the swoon-worthy Signature Suites: Adventureland, Fairy Tale, Big Thunder, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Mickey Mouse Penthouse. Multiple bedrooms, huge bathrooms with clawfoot tubs, and all the space you could need (and then some), these stunning exhibits of artistry are not to be missed…if you’re crazy super rich/saved for quite a while. Which I plan on doing at some point but until then, let’s all sigh and stare at their magnificence together.

Disneyland Hotel also offers multiple on-site dining options ranging from quick service, to bar service, and all the way up to the ultra swank Steakhouse 55 which I so can’t wait to try after reading through the menu. Who wouldn’t be excited about getting a drink at Trader Sam’s (whose fraternal twin is opening at Disney World!) and then taking a break and a snack over on Tangaroa Terrace. Y’all, I’m getting really hungry thinking about the Baltimore Crab Cakes and New York Steak & Eggs. Seven months is too long to think about these things! Of course you’re not all that far from all the dining offerings that are within the park, Downtown Disney, and even off-property, so don’t hesitate to explore a little more (just be sure not to miss out on the yumminess right outside your room).

Even the lobby of the Fantasy Tower (which houses the check in area) is packed with subtle nods to the parks and its history. Where else can you find chairs that eerily recall the Haunted Mansion along with teacup seats other than Disneyland? …Well and possibly other Disney resorts, but stay with me here. This hotel is up to its housekeeping with Disney magic and I know that I am head over heels in love…err…like with Disneyland Hotel. Like, whatever I totally only like it because it’s cool, I guess. All I can really say is I am SO pumped to do a proper review on this beauty in October. As long as I don’t get all starry-eyed and start blushing when I finally get to swipe my RFID -or otherwise- room card. 😉

Have you stayed at the Disneyland Hotel?

Wishing you so many singing headboards you’re forced to see a therapist,


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