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gingham dresses asos unique vintage forever 21 torrid plus size eshakti modcloth

Gingham Dreamin’

I’ve had a big crush on gingham for a long time now but no way (read: piece of clothing) to express my feelings for it. Though the pattern is most well known in its black and white form, gingham and summer go hand-in-hand for me. Yet it’s still versatile enough that it can transition into fall and winter with the addition of colored tights! Knowing this, you can imagine my happiness when I received an email from Loft that they were debuting a line of gingham pieces.

I’m not even joking when I say that I checked for my size at the local Loft and went right out to try and (hopefully) buy it that day.

It had already sold out of most sizes online by the time I got there so I was terrified that it wouldn’t fit. I got to the store right before rush hour. Found my size (after panicking that I couldn’t find the dress anywhere). Went to the dressing room. And

Um, excuse the banana split-eating grin but this dress is MAGIC. It transformed from a potato sack into a magical fairy tale dress with a simple tie. Honestly I wanted to wear it out of the store, but I restrained. At least until I got home. Then I changed 🙂

I’m in love. My next gingham piece will be more form-fitting (I prefer fit & flare dresses) but this potato sack turns into wonderfulness in mere seconds.

Gingham Dreamin Magic

Dress: Loft
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Target
Watch: Disney World 🙂 (similar)

Do y’all like my garage door? I know, I’m so fancy. I tried this with a few different belts and reeeeally like the look of a braided brown belt. However it was too hot for life when I wore it for photo-taking (see gif) so I stuck with the tie! Makeup-wise (which you can’t see…just give me time to figure out this “style” blogging thing) I paired it with a cat-eye (as if I ever do anything else), a red lip, and I felt like a very cute 60’s school teacher.

Now, because I want everyone to feel as much joy as I do in gingham, check out some other gorgeous options for gingham magic (note: magic amount may vary by dress).

gingham dresses asos unique vintage forever 21 torrid plus size eshakti modcloth

Unique Vintage | Modcloth (WANT) | eshakti
Torrid | ASOS | Forever 21

Have y’all been enjoying the seasonless gingham lately? Show me how you styled it!

Wishing you all the magical ties,


PS – I was going to say “Schmidt-eating grin”, based off the amazing character on New Girl, and include a great gif/photo of Schmidt from New Girl grinning/being very full of himself but then I found too many and got sidetracked so I invite you to just scroll through the funny that kept me away from writing for a solid 5 minutes.

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