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Gift the Magic – A Disney Gift Guide

Personally, I absolutely love having things that remind me of either my trips to Disney or Disney itself. However, I’m not a super big fan of things that absolutely scream DISNEY at you when you look at it. I much prefer a more subtle approach when showing my Disney love. With that in mind I thought I’d look for some more chill options on the shopDisney site to bring you a Disney gift guide for Christmas (or otherwise)! All of these options are available at (except for a few Pandora items) and if you’re on the ball, I’ll assume will get to you in time for the holiday! Now, let’s look at some pretty.

Kitchen + Dining

disney gift guide

I’m in my kitchen a LOT. I love Disney things. Makes a lot of sense to have some Disney-inspired things to surround myself with and use on a regular basis!

This Mickey waffle maker is pretty obviously Disney, but um, waffles + Mickey = the best waffles.

I obsessively love Le Creuset and the fact that they’re partnering with Disney makes it even more of an obsession. Like this amazing Snow White cocotte. They also have a Beauty & the Beast option but the Snow White option is better don’t @ me.

Personally, I love the Mickey Mouse Icon collection and it’s (pretty) subtle for what it is. For example, this serving set. Just a warning, you’ll need to sift through the Kitchen + Dining section to find more because the search for it is a MESS.

The Haunted Mansion dining options they’re offering are totally amazing. For example, who wouldn’t want this porcelain dinner plate??

Bed + Bath

disney gift guide

This is stuff for your bedroom or bathroom. I mean, there’s not much else to say other than please enjoy.

A Mickey icon towel set! This is just the washcloth because Disney won’t let you just click for a collection (why?!) but it’s cute and an idea of what you can find on the site.

Other than the top of the toothbrush holder, this bathroom vanity set is sooo understated and cute. I was able to find the toothbrush holder (obvs) and a liquid soap dispenser.

This Cinderella pillow is a bit obvious but I don’t care because favorite. I also see that it’s sold out, but I couldn’t help but include it.

This H2O collection is my favorite and a perfect reminder of the toiletries they offer in the resorts we stay at. Also, in general H2O is amazing.


disney gift guide

Uh, I really love pretty things. A lot. And jewelry is one thing that’s easy to wear on the daily to remind you of that Disney magic. But let’s see what offerings are a little more on the subtle side than just wearing a large mickey head around your neck (which, btw, there’s nothing wrong with that at all if that’s your thing).

So…Pandora recently introduced a locket and petite charm line, which I’m obsessed with to be honest with you. I saw the options prior to our most recent trip and ended up taking the plunge the second we got to Disney Springs! While shopDisney has some options, Pandora has much more. I currently have these in my locket: 1 2 3 4 While the sparkly Minnie + Mickey are sold out online, I managed to find them at Ever After Jewelry & Accessories in Disney Springs. You can see the shopDisney options here!

This Lilo + Stitch necklace is so gorgeous in its simplicity.

If you’re more into Pandora bracelets, this A+ Snow White apple charm is a great addition for a subtle nod towards the princess.

Technology Things

disney gift guide

I love my phone. I don’t care if that’ll make some people think less of me, but it’s the one lifeline that I have to my friends and family who mostly live out of state. Because of this I want my phone to look pretty, work well, and…look pretty. With that in mind let’s look at some of the offerings to support and prettify that gadget that’s always within arms reach.

Haunted Mansion folio case

Chewbacca tablet case

A Coco phone case

Baymax iPad case??? Plus, this thing is customizable. Yes, please.

A castle cutout case


The easiest and probably most controversial gift, mugs are ridiculously easy to find and gift. Love Mickey? There’s about 15 million different mugs with his mug on the mug (heh, I’m proud of that). Love Mary Poppins? Well, there are less offerings but there is a really awesome one that I’m in love with. I saw it in person and it’s just as great in person as it is online. I’m not going to list out mugs because…there are a million. Here, have a link to view them all.

And there you have it! A Disney gift guide from the shopDisney site to add a little subtle Disney magic to your (or someone else’s) daily life. Personally, I kind of want all of it.

Wishing you subtle Mickey toothbrush holders,


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