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Five Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday gift planning can be an absolute pain in the you know what and where it’s located. It’s also super easy to push gifts back to the last minute when you’re not sure what to get for what seems like a never-ending list of people. This leads to much frustration, wasted nights shopping, and a massive budget crunch. Well, never fear! Overly planning Type A Shantelle is here to kind of hopefully save your day! I’m going to give you a bunch of cool holiday gift ideas that will save you mostly time and sanity based on the type of person you’re shopping for. And they’re not all gift cards so let’s get started!

For the person that is way too busy for their own good

1. Personalized To Do List from May Designs (Review here) or Erin Condren Life Planner (Unboxing here)
2. One day (or ongoing, depending on your budget) of a cleaning service.
3. Xanax – We all need to chill sometimes (disclaimer: I’m not a drug pusher!)

The travel lover

1. Southwest (or other airline) gift card – SW’s tagline says it best: “Don’t get them something, get them somewhere”.
2. GoGear Travel Tubes – These are SO awesome for travel! I get most of my travel items from the Container Store, they have great items.
3. Photobook gift card to make books of their past travels. (I just made my first two, I’m excited to get them!)
4. Everyone needs nice luggage. This is my new favorite drool-worthy carry on from Samsonite. Please let me know if you need my address 🙂 (PS travel gets more because it’s my favorite section…sorry not sorry)

holiday gift ideas

The “I have an amazing sense of humor” person

1. A framed print of any of these amazing motivational posters. (Ok, this could take a little more than 5 minutes but it’s so awesome it would be worth it)
2. If they’re funny and reeeeeeally like wine, they make a wine purse. Legit.
3. Optimist and Pessimist drink glasses. Because who wouldn’t need these??

That person you want to buy a gift for but you have no idea what to get them

1. Find their Wish List on Amazon! Many people have them now and have at least a few items on the list. Worse comes to worse, get them an Amazon Gift Card!
2. Netflix subscription (if for some reason they’re so weird that they don’t have Netflix)
3. A massage or spa gift certificate. I even asked Andrew to see if a man would want a gift like this and he confirmed my suspicions with a “HECK YEAH!”

holiday gift ideas

The person with taste/the photographer/basically this is my list

1. This AMAZING phone case by Rifle Paper Co. Yes, Rifle might be a tad overdone to some but this case is freaking adorable.
2. An actually cute phone charging wallet. Who knew cute and functional could be together??
3. This amazing Petzval lens should get an award for mixing bokeh fun with history. Since that’s basically completely unrealistic price-wise though, this adorable Super Bokeh Lensbaby should do the trick!

Hopefully these holiday gift ideas help! Now go forth, work early, work barely, and get your holiday gift shopping done way ahead of everyone else – and better yet get them something they’ll use! Because really, I’d much rather get something I need rather than something that will sit on the shelf for way too long. So, what’s on your list this year?

Wishing you somewhere instead of something,


PS – I specifically do not mention anything for your significant other because 1: you know them best and any of these suggestions would probably apply and 2: they already have you so they’ve gotten enough presents.

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