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5 quick ways to deal with stress overwhelmed

Don’t Tear Your Hair Out: Ways to Deal with Stress

Let’s be blunt, stress freaking sucks. I mean, what other emotion can rag us like it does, overwhelm us, and spawn so many blog posts about how you can get over it? With that in mind (and as the school just started up again), I thought I’d share some of the things I do when I’m feeling stressed and not just deal, but overcome it. I can’t promise that any of these suggestions will forever cure you of the stressors in your life but many of these you can do while at work/school/wherever and they should ease your suffering!

1. Write it down. One of the most common things I hear from people when they’re overwhelmed is that they have no idea where to start! I have a solution for you: write down what you gotta get done. You can either do it in order of when it’s due (like if dinner is due before the dry cleaning pick up or English is due before History) or just a general list. I guarantee it will help you get your thoughts organized, prioritize, and also take a little break from freaking out about everything you have to do. I’ve also found that when written out, things don’t seem so insurmountable anymore!

2. Take a break. This seems totally counterintuitive – if you have so much to get done why should you stop?! But honestly, the best thing you could probably do is take 30 minutes to sit down and do something else. Play a video game, watch a short TV show (not the whole season), read an article/blog post ;), whatever it is that you like to do when you have nothing else to do. It might just relax you enough to jump on those unfinished tasks.

3. Laugh! I realize this might be hard when things are piling up and your partner is just NOT shushing up and then on top of everything you spilled something on your shirt (because honestly, that’s how it always goes) but take a few minutes and watch something funny, preferably away from your loud partner. I’m never let down by these cuties, so pick your favorite animal: cats / dogs / elephants / lions

4. Take a quick walk/do some yoga. Yeah, exercise can seem like a drag but just changing your surroundings can make things seem better and you’ll feel better after! Just taking a quick 15 minute walk around your neighborhood or doing some yoga for relaxation can get you reenergized. Bonus: this Spotify playlist as a soundtrack is one of my favorites for putting a bit of pep in my step!

5. Talk to someone. Those “you’ll never get it all done” thoughts in your head can kill your drive before you even get started. Call, text, or skype with an encouraging friend to get it out and get a move on! I bet they may even have some helpful tips on how to get it done or even offer some help!

Now go forth and hack away at that to do list! I’ll bet with these tips (and maybe some coffee) you’ll get it all done in no time and even with some hair left on your head 😉

What tips do you have for dealing when your to do list is taller than you are?

Wishing you playlists that boost your mood and get ish done,


PS – I totally would have included a photo of me “tearing my hair out” but dang it’s hard to take a selfie that is that involved.

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    I’m a lists girl. Crossing off those items on that list…oh, yeah. Stress relief. Oh, and chocolate totally helps. Just sayin’!

    January 21, 2015 at 1:15 pm
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