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princess faire disneyland theatre

Our Disneyland Trip Part Three

The last and final installment of what has been a much longer series than I expected. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today we cover a quick trip to LA, a photoshoot with the awesome Stephanie of Intuitive Images, and the end of our time out west (of course)!

For our next hotel we stayed at DISNEYLAND HOTEL AND IT WAS A++++++

Who doesn’t want this as a bed?

Also, that carpet though.

Then it was time for our shoot!! This is heading to Downtown Disney through Grand Californian. The next few photos are all by Intuitive Images:

I am almost incapable of taking a photo with my mouth shut



Don’t blame Stephanie if you hate this photo. I just really love cotton candy.

I swear I was laughing here, not sneering

Now we’re back to my boring photos 😉 I probably took up so much time stopping and taking photos! Stephanie was so knowledgable about the park that we kept finding new places to go. Also, I promise I am not being paid to promo Intuitive Images, she was just super awesome to work with!

SO…this is the first time I’ve seen this. Do we have that at Disney World? Because this was one of the greatest honors I’ve ever earned.

This is Stephanie! She’s great! Also, I might love cotton candy more than Andrew. Shhhh 😉

The next day was LA time to see one of my favorite friends <3

I love Crimson Peak and I love Guillermo del Toro and together it’s amazing

Then we traveled back to Disney for some steak. Steakhouse 55 is AWESOME, btw

Our last full day 😢

Paper Fastpasses!!!!!

I saw a Disneyland cat!!! I may be the only one excited about this.

This is not how you spell our last name, FYI

carnation cafe disneyland

Then it was time to go off and visit the castle again and eat some more Blue Bayou and have fun

jolly holiday disneyland Mary poppins big thunder mountain railroad disneyland big thunder mountain railroad disneyland

snow white's scary adventure disneyland

Snow White’s Scary Adventure – we miss you on the east coast

halloween haunted mansion caretaker groundskeeper

Then, our last Disneyland daylight hours were done 😔 But we made sure to get in some nighttime fun.

princess faire disneyland theatre

I like this theatre, y’all. I could live in it. Also, it’s nighttime now

Disneyland carrousel Disneyland sleeping beauty castle

Disneyland hotel

Quick sad story: We found a Cinderella popcorn bucket but it was far too large to bring it home. I was sad. So I turned it into the front desk and told them to give it to a nice kid. 😢 I miss you, popcorn bucket. Also, this was at around 4AM? Maybe? We had a very early start for our flight.

Disneyland hotel

I like this lobby. That’s a nice lobby.

We haaaad to get photos with the Minnie & Mickey statues outside the Disneyland Hotel!

Um, St. Louis has a very cool wall. Andrew is over there writing “At least it’s not LAX”. I’m not kidding.

See? Told ya.

And then, we were on the last leg of our trip 😢 No photos from home because Disney Depression

Quick tips from our time

  • Plan in advance. Seriously. Like the moment we booked flights I started researching like crazy.
  • If you’re a wdw vet (or not) do a lot of research. Dining reservations are not the same, the parks aren’t the same, you can walk EVERYWHERE if you stay on-site, and tickets and Fastpasses are totally different.
  • If you have the chance the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour in Disneyland was sooo great 👍
  • It’s been 2 years since I went on this trip so everything is kind of hard to remember, which is why I recommend doing a lot of research!

Well, that was the incredibly long end of our Disneyland adventure! It was such a fun trip and I love the photos we got from both Intuitive Images and on our own! If you got this far you deserve something nice, like a lemonade or really cold water on a hot day. I purposely didn’t use an exclamation mark there, aren’t you proud?

Wishing you all the cotton candy (except what I eat),


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