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Design Clickbait! Click So I Don’t Get Fired!

My Pocket has been getting ready for this post for a loooong time now. Y’all know what clickbait is, right? Basically it’s the premise of creating a title for a post that you can’t not click because otherwise your jaw won’t drop! And we don’t want to live in a world without droppin’ jaws, right? (Apologies for any rhymes, I may have been listening to the 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack while writing this post) Now, I have a big problem with clickbait – in that I can’t resist clicking when I see a title about design/pretty houses/houses that haven’t changed in 72-56-999 years. So I thought I’d share a post filled to the brim with some of my favorite clickbaitiest links since we could all use some pretty. Even if it is mostly believable, let’s suspend our rational brains for a few minutes and revel in the crazy world of clickbait 😉

Legit Clickbait

She Hasn’t Changed Her Home For 72 Years. When You See What’s Inside, Your Jaw Will Drop! – This house is pretty amazing though, y’all. I’m so happy I fell for it.

No One Lived In This House Since 1956. When He Moved Inside? UNBELIEVABLE – The color study in this post is really what makes this brilliant. Who is this pink-storian?

It Looks Like A 200-Year-Old Crumbling Home, But Inside It’s A Different Story – I would like this clickbait home. Please??

Just Pretty*

*All will include a properly clickbaitified title for your reading pleasure with original titles in parentheses.

When You See What They Did With Their Brownstone You’ll HAVE To Move! WOW (Our Brooklyn Apartment)

You Haven’t Read In A Chair Until You’ve Read In A Chair Like They Did! (23 Relaxing and Cozy Reading Corners)

You’re Not Really A Mad Men Fan Until You’ve Stayed At These Super Expensive Mid-Century Homes! (Vacation like ‘Mad Men’: Mid-century homes you can rent)

You’ll Be Happy To Hit Your Head On These 15 Amazing Headboards! (15 Best Headboard Ideas)

This Is The Fanciest Plane You’ve Ever Seen! You Won’t Mind The Seat Belt Sign!! (Wow, this is a really fancy plane) …Seriously, that’s the real headline.

You’ll Never Be Happy With Your Life Until You Use One Of These Amazing Tips! (23 Brilliant Ideas & Projects For Your Home Office)

The Sun Itself Came Out Of The Sky To Anoint This Golden Herculean Getaway. Amazing. (A Sunny and Small Georgetown Row House)

Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Name Of This Article So We Wouldn’t Get Sued. See Why! (An Easy, Breezy Florida Home) …A little Fall Out Boy reference for anyone who might be interested 🙂

India Has Some Utterly Jaw-Dropping Hotels! Wow!! (India Has Some Utterly Jaw-Dropping Hotels)

I Want To Live In This Home. Someone Buy It For Me. (Tour a Historic Savannah Row House)

Have y’all had enough clickbait to last you a lifetime yet? If not, I fear for your sanity because my own brain hurts from having to write it all. In truth though, I absolutely adore all of these posts. Most clickbait kind of sucks, but at least these are pretty! Do you have any favorite clickbait links to share?

Wishing You So Much Jaw-Dropping Action You Don’t Believe It,


PS – As a note I do actually like all of these posts so no insults or meanness is meant towards the authors 🙂

PPS – I’m obviously not going to get fired from my own blog…I hope.

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