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December Highlights

January means change for most of us and I’m taking it quite seriously here and in my real life (there may or may not be some red or blonde coming to my hair soon). That said, I’m revamping my “Life in Squares” post to a monthly highlights post! Gone are lighthouses and other such randomness. I’ll be focusing on the highlights of my personal month and some articles that I found quite intriguing, and hopefully you will too. I’ll also be including photos that weren’t on instagram – yay! I’m very excited about the new format and I hope y’all enjoy it. 🙂 Now, let’s get onto the highlights!

The Photos

→ While I love the holidays I’m a little happy that they’re over, it was pretty exhausting! Although that means that the spring semester is starting up again soon – eek! It’ll be my first time having a full course load, on top of everything else, in quite a number of years. I think I’m ready for a nap already.


→ Christmas at DPAC was pretty amazing – the music and service was out of this world!

→ We didn’t think we’d get to keep that adorable black and white pup, but when I came downstairs on Christmas morning I was happily wrong! Master Manolo Gracey Panda XVI is our little adorable ball of extra skin and energy.


→ I love decorations around the holidays – everything is so sparkly and pretty!

The Articles

• Did you get a Filofax (or other binder planner) for Christmas? Gala Darling has some awesome tips on sprucing up what could otherwise be a pretty boring planner!

• I’m totally going to try out this DIY Painted Mug craft!

• Are you a bit of a vintage voyeur? Take a look at a house that’s the same as it was back in the 1920s!

• LOVE this article about the History of the Pussy Bow. I’ll take a feminine spin on a masculine trend any day.

• Christmas might be over, but I’m never getting over these sweet illustrations of New York at Christmas.

• This awesome lady had a trash the dress shoot after her wedding was called off and it’s gorgeous!

• Some really great ideas for worthwhile resolutions coming into the new year. Funny enough, this was written back in 2013, but the resolutions are great year after year!

• Looking to start Meal Planning in 2015? MyFitnessPal has a great article for getting started!

• And my most popular post: Lush Perfection & Rosacea Skin Care

I am super excited for everything that 2015 is promising to be (especially the fact that Taylor Swift outsold Frozen in album sales). I really feel like this is going to be a great year for everyone and if it’s not…well there’s always 2016 🙂

Wishing you spruced up planners,


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