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The Cuteness of May Designs

If you’re reading my blog chances are pretty high that you might have started that around the time I got SUPER (crazily) obsessed with Erin Condren. Because of that glorious cuteness I’ve started to find even more stationery companies that I probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. One of my current favorites has to be that of May Designs. They were recently listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and while I don’t really pay attention to that list ($700 headphones???), they definitely got this right. May Designs manages to pack a whole lot of customized cuteness into a tiny package. Well, in a 5×8 package that is.

Read on for some pictures and information on these adorable notebooks or watch the video to see these in action (or if you don’t feel like reading)


may designs cute notebook review planner budget

The designs and colors are super vibrant! They’re sturdily bound with a saddle stitch binding, and they’ve held up very well even under the pressure of being thrown in my camera bag at weddings. The covers are flexible, which is nice if you like to fold yours over, but the quality is still top notch. I also find that the paper quality is perfect for all different kinds of pens. It’s not quite as thick as Erin Condren’s, but still good enough that I can use my favorite Pilot G2s on it and the ink doesn’t bleed through.


As far as the interior of the notebooks go, I’ve now tried three different options.

may designs budget notebook cute stationery

Design: Mod Rose Orchid in Mauve + Monogram Style: Ivy, Baroque, Light Blue

Budget: We had intended to use the budget notebook as…well a budget notebook, but found that electronic options work better so that sadly doesn’t get used as much. I do like the layout though! There are monthly pages with different budget sections and some miscellaneous pages in the back for budgeting. I would like to see something with a running total though, sort of like a debt snowball tracker in the case of paying off debt. That’d be a great addition!

may designs notebook cute stationery blog notebook planner

Design: Vintage Bird Gray + Monogram Style: Calligraphy, Rectangle, Ice

Academic Planner: I would not use this if I had a full course load (I don’t think there’s enough writing room) but I looove using this book as my blog planner! Take a look at the video at the end of the post for how I use it. You can see here that there are two main sections: a monthly view and then a week a page. Each page has a mini monthly calendar as well which is super useful so you don’t have to constantly flip back and forth.

may designs cute stationery notebook to do

Design: Anchors Away + Monogram Style: Calligraphy, Nameplate, Melon

Blank: Well, it’s a blank interior. I can’t really say much more than “Wow! It’s so white and blank!” Totally serves its purpose. I figured I would do a mini pen test to show you how nice some pens look. My personal favorites are the G2 and Staedtler (which I spelled wrong, shhhhh).

I lovelovelove these notebooks! They pretty often have sales as well and their emails are super cute so I’d totally recommend signing up for their offers. At least then at Notebooks Anonymous I’ll have good company! Has anyone else gotten some cuteness from May Designs or have any other notebook suggestions?

Wishing you way too many cute notebooks,


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    your video starts going wonky at around 1:00.

    May 1, 2015 at 6:18 pm
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