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Buying a house: From lies to home

Sooo, we bought a house! We hadn’t planned on making any big purchases in the near future (especially buying a house) so we kind of dove into this process with both feet and no diving board. We didn’t even have time to do much research on the process until we were already in the thick of it! For someone like me, a super crazy type A person, it was not super fun (though it kind of still was).

Since I jumped in and had to do everything on the fly – as I’m sure all homeowners do – I thought I might bring together a miniseries of our process going from looking at homes all the way to actually moving in and living here (and our list of projects)! I found a lot of helpful information as we were going along in the process so I’m going to contribute, hopefully. 🙂 Today I’m starting with the “looking” process, AKA we like this one but it doesn’t like us!

We weren’t planning on buying a house until…who knows, but from time to time I would check out houses for sale. Because why not? One day I found an absolutely magnificent 1935 bungalow and after sufficiently lusting over the listing for two weeks, we contacted a loan officer. Once we finished up with the officer (for now/then) and submitting our application. And about twenty minutes after that we were scheduled to see that wondrous bungalow two days later. We move fast, what can I say?

Well, my dreams of buying a house with thick-bass baseboards were dashed quite quickly.

The photos were obviously super old, the location wasn’t ideal, and, worst of all, the house had about $15,000+ of foundation work needed. I had fallen in love with a lie. Cue the tiny violins (mostly for that poor darling of a house).

Luckily Jenny, our realtor was kind of amazing and already had a few more houses to view that day. Spoiler: none of them worked out. All of two days later we met up and narrowed down the list I had so carefully curated after viewing every. single. house. in the Durham area. I am so super not kidding. I scoured those listings! Scheduled to view 5 houses the next day, we stopped short once we went to the third house. Because it was absolutely, 100% not what we wanted, but it was home.

60s vintage dust pan buying a house dust bin

The very kitschy 60’s dust pan we found in the laundry room. That I DEFINITELY did not write into the offer…

The house is a perfectly preserved 1961 brick rambler house on just over half an acre. And when I say preserved, I mean preserved. The kitchen was the same as it was back in the 60’s. Wall oven, cooktop, same flooring, wood paneling, and real wood, ceiling height, actually wood colored cabinets. It’s pretty much a kitschy dream. The hardwoods, hidden under carpet, are 100% out of every park beautiful and I want to rub my face on them. Which I’ve only done once and it was because we had “finally” (we did it literally on the first day we moved in) taken up the carpet and the wood was the prettiest thing I ever did see. Also, it was in really amazing shape. I also might have gotten very emotional standing in front of the kitchen sink that has a perfect window above it that looks into the backyard.

The house is on the smaller side at just over 1100 sq ft and it’s the perfect size for us and the pups. A huge magnolia tree sits in the front yard, something that Andrew has always wanted apparently. There’s a perfectly sized carport attached to the house that has the most amazing breeze that runs through it. The laundry room is part of the carport (that sounds weird, doesn’t it?) but it’s really well sized and there’s room for storage as well! The moment we met up with Jenny after going through we were ready to make an offer. Because home.

Buuut then we had to deal with the real world! We’ll get to that in the next post though 😉 That’ll cover putting our offer in (oh God) to closing (oh no oh no oh no). Get ready.

Here’s to hoping that you always have a diving board (especially when buying a house),


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