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buying a house

Buying a House: From an offer to home

Today, possible potential homebuyers\those just wanting to read my words, I’m discussing putting in our offer to the closing process of buying a house! It is a journey fraught with anxiety, paperwork, and more anxiety. But we all know the outcome was a great one so let’s read on!

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buying a house

This is not our home, this is our realtor’s office

The Offer

We put in an offer the same day we saw the house, but about an hour before we did someone who had seen the house a few days earlier also made an offer. Now, obviously, you all know the way that this ended, but at the time I was quite annoyed because WE had put in an offer ON THE SAME DAY that we saw it. So obviously we were more deserving (OK Shantelle). I wrote an offer letter as we were desperate. We went back and forth between agent/seller. We’re first time home buyers so they wanted earnest money upfront so there was more “skin in the game”. We waited almost two whole days (wow much long) when we finally got word at 9:31PM on that second day that they accepted our offer. *insert confetti here*

Of course, that happiness only lasted so long before I realized that the loan issuer can still deny your loan before closing, even if you went through the pre-approval process. So there was that terrifying notion in my head. And then the fact that we needed to house to appraise for the right amount. Then we also needed the inspection to not only be good, but to also to tell us that the house was not a money pit. So basically I wanted to throw up for about a month straight.

The Inspection

Our inspection actually went quite well! We met our realtor and the inspector at the house and pretty much did very little as the person who held one part of our fate walked around and made grunting noises. I busied myself with taking measurements of various areas while he worked. I highly recommend taking measurements prior to moving in!! For example, I found out that the cabinets would be one inch too short to accommodate my KitchenAid under them. This let me gather a plan on where in the world (is Carmen San Diego) I was going to put my beautiful mixer.

Our inspector was recommended by the realtor as it was someone they work with regularly and they’d tie in the cost of the inspection to the closing costs so they weren’t due up-front (thank the good lord above). It was so much easier to use their recommendation rather than needing to find someone else, especially in a process that already had so many moving parts. He was really great to work with! He answered all our questions patiently. And believe me, we had a bunch of them. We also took the time to ask our realtor some questions about closing, as we’d been storing them up. She really reassured us and eased some anxiety!

Fortunately, there were only a few minor things with the house that needed fixing right away. We got very lucky that the owners agreed to fix the immediate issues (plus some others)! This was super duper awesome since it meant that we didn’t have to come up with even more money to buy a new water heater 🙂 This took a LOT of back and forth between our realtors but Jenny was in constant contact (cue a lot of work-time phone calls, oops) with any updates or lack of!

buying a house closing

Our closing office!

Moving to Closing

From there it was a bunch of waiting, planning, etc. We went through our things with a fine tooth comb, had a yard sale (yay money!), started ordering furniture, restored some antique furniture, and set up services and movers. I would definitely recommend having a yard sale before moving, it was great to lighten what needed to move and have a little extra money!

We got away with the bank not needing a lot of extra paperwork (I read horror stories), not denying the loan (more horror stories), or the house deciding to disappear (no horror stories). Start to Closing our home search took a total of 42 days. So I guess I actually wanted to throw up for a little more than a month.

We got the keys and moved in June 1, 2016 and have been busy with projects ever since. Although, since we move fast, the main projects were finished within a week and our stuff was fully unpacked and moved in within the same week. I don’t like things unfinished if I have to look at it, y’all.

So there is our overview of offering to finishing – whew that was a lot of words! Coming up next in the series I’ll be talking about our first renovations, moving in, and the beautiful and most amazing hardwoods! Then lastly I’ll be talking about how we’ve gotten settled in and some lists of what we want to do to “improve” on our little slice of the 1960s.

Wishing you no horror stories,


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