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An Accidental Christmas at Walt Disney World

This is another post from 2015…oops. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more backdated posts of Disney trips – there is no shortage of that! This was our “oopsie” trip during Christmas at Walt Disney World. The reason? The ending of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights! 😭 We found out just before our October Disneyland trip, so we didn’t think it would be possible. Plus, we were SO out of our DVC points for the year. But, once it got closer, we decided we had to go since neither of us had been. Luckily we found a well priced hotel on Disney property and off we went to see the lights! Heh, that was a Tangled reference *self high five*. Now onto the photos!

First, we had to get there, which means a road trip! Plus really yummy snacks.

We stayed at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista and it was within walking distance of Disney Springs. Plus, those pillows were A+.

Once we checked in we were off and running to Magic Kingdom!


But first things first, Dole Whip and churros.

And then…nighttime. With a very pretty icicle-y castle.

We went to Be Our Guest for the first time! Can I be honest though? And possibly ostracized from the Disney Community? We weren’t thrilled 😕

It was quite pretty though!

Then, time for the Haunted Mansion queue!

Just so you know, this is my favorite photo of Constance that I’ve ever snapped. Thank you for your time.


The next day we headed off to Fulton’s (now Paddlefish) for an early lunch. And I got…

THE BEST MENU ITEM. Their crab cake appetizer is out of this world. The cake is settled on top of a fried green tomato, with some sort of magical sauce and delicious corn underneath. Eat it. I swear it’s amazing. Plus (at least for me) it’s pretty filling and less than an entree.

After lunch we headed to Hollywood Studios (please don’t change the name, Disney) for the real reason for our quick trip: the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. RIP.

I took ~artsy~ photos while we waited. Heh.

Then it began!

I loved everything. It was all so PRETTY.

It’s true 😢

This is my favorite photo of us because even though Andrew is bending a little I still had to get on my toes to be in the frame. Best selfie, A+.


There were so many people we could barely move. It was pretty bad.

Then we were hungry, because being in jam-packed crowds will do that to you.

So we headed to the Hollywood Brown Derby for food and Grapefruit Cake 😍

Then we were back and the crowds were SO much better.

And we found the hidden kitty! Basically they hide this cat in a different place each year so it’s a bit of a hunt on where to find it. I was determined to find this thing because I wouldn’t have another chance. We searched HARD but still had to ask a CM for a hint. We did eventually find it based on the hint! Thanks, random CM!

Didn’t Andrew do SO good on this photo? I had to have a photo here because, pretty. Then…we had to leave.

Goodbye, Hollywood Studios and beautiful light display.

I took no other photos on the trip after this evening, probably because once we woke up we were headed back right away. Well, once we had one more stop at Disney Springs for some last minute souvenirs 😉

That’s, sadly, all! I was very happy to get in my regular trip, especially with it being Christmas at Walt Disney World! And of course, laying to rest the Osborne lights. RIP.

Wishing you pretty lights (even though Disney took them away),


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