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A 6(ish) Month Update on those New Year Goals

Master Manolo Gracey Panda XVI is very tired from working on his sleep goals

How has it already been MORE than six months since I made these new year goals for 2015? This year has seemingly passed in a minute, but I’m sure that I’ll be saying that about every year forever. Because I’m a human with no concept of how fast or slow time should move.

Alright, moving on from the pseudo-intellectual talk.

I thought in the interest of keeping myself accountable I’d do a quick update on where I am with those goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year along with some of my newly developed goals! I’m really excited to see where everything is stacking up so let’s get reviewing.

1. Journaling – I did AWESOME on this until about March. I was writing every single day and then it started to be a struggle to find things to write about. Then I felt bad I wasn’t writing everyday. Then I stopped. If I hadn’t been so strict about writing, it would have alleviated some guilt of missing a few days. But since I have started using the Horizontal Erin Condren Life Planner for this year I’ve been scribbling notes about the day. That’s basically journaling, right? 😉
Status: Success

2. Eat healthier – We’ve cut down on eating meat a LOT and make many of our meals at home using food we buy using the “perimeter” method of shopping, where you purchase most of your items from the outside perimeter of the store. When we do venture into frozen/canned/boxed we stick to the more healthy items.
Status: In progress (like, forever progress), but successful!

3. Go blond (or red) – Uh, total success. After 2-3 not-on-point-appointments (one of which I called to make less than a week after having my hair done to get it changed) my hair is an amazing combo of red and blond and I am PUMPED. I’m basically never changing my hair again (probably). So this one is totally checked off my list.
Status: Success + complete + awesome!

4. Work on French – Hahahahah total fail. I did try to find some local classes but…yeah. I’ve still got (less than) 6 months left to go though!
Status: Kinda failin’

5. Complete 30 Days of Yoga – I got halfway through before I got discouraged, sadly. We’ve been walking almost everyday now though and my weekly goals include doing yoga at least once a week, so maybe I’ll try this again!
Status: Reconsidering

6. Additional $1500 in savings – This is a hard number to reach but we are slowly getting there! The 52 Week Money Challenge is definitely helping and we’re also counting the extra change we get when using cash. Every penny helps, right?
Status: In progress

7. Spiritual home – After speaking with the pastors at Summit and finding that they would not accept LGBTQ members and then doing much soul searching, we decided to not continue attending that church. Currently our search has stalled but we are studying/learning at home, so there’s that!
Status: Stalled/reconsidering

8. Go to Disneyland – 3 MONTHS TO GO, Y’ALL. October 22nd here we come!
Status: In a (too long) holding pattern

9. Declutter & de-own – We made a crazy awesome dent in this when we had a yard sale back in March-ish. Got rid of a lot of old things that no one needed, made a little extra cash (savings!), and met some really nice people! We’re storing up stuff to do another one when the heat dies down.
Status: Success! But still working on it

I’m doing a lot better than I thought I would, if we’re being honest 🙂 Here are some things I’m working on for the rest of the year:

• Doing the Color Run (less than 3 months!) • Run/jog half a mile • 16min/mile run/walk time • Consistently walking at least 2 miles, 3x/week • Getting a proper content plan in place & 1 week ahead on blog posts • Refining my style & overhauling my closet, and talking about kinda style ish things here

How have y’all been doing on your New Year’s goals? Let me know in the comments!

Wishing you less holding patterns,


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