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5 TED Talks for Inspiration on Your Lunch Break

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We don’t always have time to dwell in the darkness that is just around the corner at times. Life is incredibly hard and we need to almost constantly be ready to get up and at ’em! Even when we really feel like empty milk containers getting kicked around the schoolyard or being filled up with poisonous things (which is usually done by our own hand). With that in mind, I wanted to compile just a few of my favorite TED Talks for inspiration from some really amazing women that cover topics from loving yourself, being yourself, and overcoming boundaries. Along with one from a rather famous frog that deals with creativity ūüėČ

If you’re anything like me, you’ll laugh/cry/groan and hopefully feel just a little better at the end of each of the videos. They are -relatively- quick (TED Talks, which have the most self-serving intro things I’ve ever seen, are rarely very short) and you can even watch them on a 30 minute lunch break. So, let’s get watching!

Stripping Away Negative Body Image | Lillian Bustle

Lillian is flipping amazing¬†(side note:¬†I really¬†want her dress)! Her talk covers many things regarding body image, burlesque, and even not being brave. Which, if you’ve been anything other than “normal” during your life, you might understand what I (and she) means by that after watching. ūüôā

The Power of Defining Yourself | Amma Asante

Amma is astounding. Just watch.

The Person You Really Need to Marry | Tracy McMillan

Aw man, Tracy had me in tears at the end of her talk (like almost all of these talks did, I’m a crier). Her talk is incredibly touching and I just love how she tackles relationships. She talks about¬†who you should really¬†care about, the one who will be there through¬†everything.

The Creative Act of Listening to a Talking Frog | Kermit the Frog

I wasn’t really sure if I should include something from Kermit (considering he is neither woman nor human), but I love this talk too much to leave it off. When I’m feeling down about my creativity I turn to this talk. It’s the longest on the list but certainly worth the sit down, even if you have to use your full lunch break to do it.

Living Beyond Limits | Amy Purdy

It’s going to sound bad, but I wasn’t really expecting much when I stumbled across Amy’s talk. Not to be too clickbait-y, but after just a few minutes I was sucked in and when it ended I found myself wishing to hear more! It’s incredible all that she’s accomplished and I found her speech to be possibly my favorite out of the bunch (or they all are, whatever).

I hope that you’ve found at least one video to perk you up if you were feeling low, or even one to bookmark for future perking needs. I know I enjoyed rewatching them!

Do you have any inspiring talks saved for a perk-me-up? Please share!

Wishing you all of the lunch breaks,


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