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2 or More Players Required: Game Night Ideas

Andrew is a massive nerd. I say that with the utmost respect and love because I too, am a massive nerd. And what do nerds enjoy more than anything else? Games. I mean not in my case but they’re still pretty awesome and one of our favorite things to do when we have friends over is to have a game night. Why? Because games are fun, duh. Obviously you think that too or you wouldn’t be here right now, right? So let’s talk about some super fun, super(ish) uninvolved, non-relationship breaking game night ideas!

→ Any of these game night ideas should be accompanied by food. Healthy or unhealthy alike are welcome, but if you invite me to a game night and don’t have food (or allow me to bring a dessert) I will place a curse upon your house. It doesn’t have to be very in-depth either! The dude very much loves a brie dip that I make that’s as easy as melting brie with butter and then dipping some cut up baguette or challah bread in it. Delish and easy.

Card Games

Gloom – Possibly my favorite game ever because I’m secretly Wednesday Addams, this game is just what the name says: gloomy. But also flippin’ hilarious (and pretty). Basically you have a family upon which you want to bestow a crazy amount of despair and accompany said despair with a story of why/how/who before ultimately killing the family. To the other players you want to have happy things happen to them and kill them while they’re smiling. I’m not sure if the story is required but it certainly is whenever we play. The darker, the better. 2-4 players.

Guillotine – A little less dark than Gloom but still pretty far down the rabbit hole. Basically you cut off the heads of French nobles (which is why I always try to get Marie & Louis so I can protect them). Very quick gameplay! 2-5 players but we’ve done more!

Monopoly Deal Card Game – Normally you wouldn’t see me near Monopoly willingly. It’s something that almost ended the budding relationship between Andrew & I early because…he’s the worst. And Monopoly is the worst. Curse the game! However, after a game night with one of my favorite people and her husband we were hooked on Monopoly Deal. It’s simple, there are no spaces that Andrew will count out, and I win all the time. Like, every game. I realize that’s no incentive for you to try it but you should because it’s amazing. Basically you play until someone has 3 completed property sets but we usually double that amount since when you’re only playing with 2 people that can happen pretty quickly. 2-5 players but you might be able to squeeze in more. Especially if you have two decks.

Cards Against Humanity – It’s terrible. It has horrid, foul language. It’s kind of rude. So basically gather a good group of friends who aren’t going to be easily offended (honestly, I sometimes have to stop myself from giving the cards a good talking to) and go to work. I’m pretty sure if you have enough cards you can have all of the humans play, so there aren’t set player maximums.

Board (not bored) Games

• Life (especially Haunted Mansion!!) – I don’t know what it is but it’s hilariously fun to play Life as an adult. Particularly the Haunted Mansion one since they correctly charge you $100,000 to go to Boo-niversity. Get a cheap (or not) copy of the game, play with your significant other and make them jealous of your new partner and all your children. And $70,000/year career. Just don’t be forced to change your career. 2-4 players.

Settlers of Catan – To be honest I never really remember this game after we’re done playing it but it is FUN. You build towns around resources, trade with others (or rip them off…), and ultimately take over the WORLD. Or just Catan. This is not a super short game but still fun. Intended for 3-4 players but the dude and I have played just the two of us, they also have an app which makes it possible to play by yourself!

Ticket To Ride – All Andrew’s pick. Secret missions, connect cities without letting on to your opponents, get points for the biggest…connection 😉 Super simple so it’s really easy to learn but the strategies on how to win are endless and as simple or complicated as you want it to be. “Also the plastic train cars are pretty and bright and fun”, said my husband, the 30 year old dude. I’m so proud. 2-5 players.

Clue (bonus points for the Tower of Terror version) – It’s a classic and you’ve probably played before and you even have your favorite character. But if we’re playing together don’t touch Miss Scarlett unless you want me to give you a candlestick in a not-so-nice way 🙂 3-6 players.

Yay! I may be incredibly competitive but you don’t need to be to enjoy these games (however it’s better if you are). Now go forth and be social in a super introverted way, just as I or God intended. Do you have any favorite game night ideas that I could use?

Wishing you never to have to play Monopoly with Andrew,


PS – As Andrew was reading this post he asked “Do you want to change the 3 complete property sets to 3 monopolies?” CASE IN POINT. Don’t ever play Monopoly with this dude.

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