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    Blank Page Philosophies and Apologies

    This is a really yummy dessert from the Garden View Tea Room. Please enjoy.

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    Excuse the silly start all you cool cats, but we’ve been doing some major updating on the site – including making it run faster and switching over the last remaining social places (yes, like Bloglovin) – and I was trying to tie up some unattractive ends before posting. That and I’ve had some health problems lately that finally seem to be coming to an end, and lastly – most majorly – there’s been that fear of the intimidating blank page.

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    buying a house

    Buying a House: From an offer to home

    Today, possible potential homebuyers\those just wanting to read my words, I’m discussing putting in our offer to the closing process of buying a house! It is a journey fraught with anxiety, paperwork, and more anxiety. But we all know the outcome was a great one so let’s read on!

    Be sure to check out the first post in my house series here!
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    The Most Coldest 5k: Race 13.1 Durham

    Not too long ago Andrew & I “ran” our first 5k at the Race 13.1 Durham! I’d love to say that I ran it with great strength and at the end felt an immense sense of accomplishment but…mostly it was 20 degrees and I was freezing my butt off! BUT I did indeed finish it! Since I’m planning a lot of running events coming up I thought I might start writing about them. It’ll be a learning process – I really only know how to talk Disney things?? – but if you bear with me we can figure this out together. 😉
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    The Biggest Highlights Post Ever

    Forever-ever. Hopefully.

    So, obviously I haven’t been on the ball with posting. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I certainly have. Life is crazy and I didn’t make this place (or me) a big priority but ladies and (probably not) gentlemen, that is changing! Now, let’s get to a bunch of pictures and not too many words because, well, photos!
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    Buying a house: From lies to home

    Sooo, we bought a house! We hadn’t planned on making any big purchases in the near future (especially buying a house) so we kind of dove into this process with both feet and no diving board. We didn’t even have time to do much research on the process until we were already in the thick of it! For someone like me, a super crazy type A person, it was not super fun (though it kind of still was).

    Since I jumped in and had to do everything on the fly – as I’m sure all homeowners do – I thought I might bring together a miniseries of our process going from looking at homes all the way to actually moving in and living here (and our list of projects)! I found a lot of helpful information as we were going along in the process so I’m going to contribute, hopefully. 🙂 Today I’m starting with the “looking” process, AKA we like this one but it doesn’t like us!

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    I woke up like this (a year later)

    This is the teacup of emotion

    Wow, one year. That was one heck of a mental health day, wasn’t it? If you’re still hanging around I legitimately appreciate it – now let me give to you an explanation. It may be oversharing but hey, it’s therapeutic for me and maybe you have to deal with some of the same crap. It feels a bit weird to say mental illness, probably because even for me there’s still a stigma attached to it, but that’s basically what my “crap” is. Every once in awhile I’ll have a “flare up”. I’m less capable of dealing with those fun issues and I kind of fall apart. My regular days become a chore, just doing normal errands are almost impossible, and my moods change quicker than quicksand (which, from what I’ve seen in cartoons, isn’t that hard to do). To be frank, it’s pretty shitty. But that’s what we do as people with mental illness – we try to deal.

    Wellll, I wasn’t able to deal so well this time.

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    branches in asheville mental health day

    You Deserve a Mental Health Day

    As the condensed summer session for school is winding down, I find myself more and more averse to the idea of doing -literally- anything. Add on top of that the stress of buying a new car (which we’re hoping to finally have resolved on Monday) along with regular life stressors and I am one wound up little mama (thankfully without the stressor of kids yet).  I mean, this weekend was supposed to be two days of Andrew & I not leaving the house but Saturday turned into anxiety and running errands and car dealerships from 9AM – 6PM. This all has me thinking about the idea of mental health days and how helpful they were when I was in my pre-college days.

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    A 6(ish) Month Update on those New Year Goals

    Master Manolo Gracey Panda XVI is very tired from working on his sleep goals

    How has it already been MORE than six months since I made these new year goals for 2015? This year has seemingly passed in a minute, but I’m sure that I’ll be saying that about every year forever. Because I’m a human with no concept of how fast or slow time should move.

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    Gingham Dreamin’

    I’ve had a big crush on gingham for a long time now but no way (read: piece of clothing) to express my feelings for it. Though the pattern is most well known in its black and white form, gingham and summer go hand-in-hand for me. Yet it’s still versatile enough that it can transition into fall and winter with the addition of colored tights! Knowing this, you can imagine my happiness when I received an email from Loft that they were debuting a line of gingham pieces.

    I’m not even joking when I say that I checked for my size at the local Loft and went right out to try and (hopefully) buy it that day.

    It had already sold out of most sizes online by the time I got there so I was terrified that it wouldn’t fit. I got to the store right before rush hour. Found my size (after panicking that I couldn’t find the dress anywhere). Went to the dressing room. And Continue reading…

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    Why Seeing Movies is a Budget Date Dream

     I love taking my wife to see movies from time to time (this is Andrew, by the way). If you follow Shantelle’s instagram it’s a huge surprise, right? But it’s one of the most amazing things you can do, period. To start with there’s the anticipation of going to see a new movie, something you’ve never seen before but you’ve been checking out the previews for weeks (or months). And while the feature presentation is exciting enough by itself that’s only part of the fun. It used to cost an arm and a leg to see a first-run movie, but things are a-changing, people. Continue reading…