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    Disneyland paradise pier dca Disney California adventure

    Our Disneyland Trip Part One

    So we went to Disneyland finally back in October 2015 oops and I’m so excited to share the photos with y’all! I took a lot, since we’d never been there, so I’ll be splitting up the photos into three posts as to not overwhelm. I’ll also be very brief with words, also to not overwhelm because believe me, I could definitely get wordy talking about this trip. Now, enough with the chatting, let’s get to the pictures (sorry for the letdown non-rhyme).

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    project 365

    Project365 September

    I did a thing. My happy *expletive* decided on September 1, 2017 that I was going to complete a Project365. But not to make things too easy, I’m going instant! I previously completed the #100HappyDays challenge but this is a whole other beast. I’ll be posting my photos every month as a look back on, well, the past month. You’ll get some photos and brief explanations for each day. I can’t say it’ll be fascinating, but I’m excited! Now click that Continue Reading link and away we go!

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    home inspection pumpkins

    Buying a House: Questions for Your Home Inspection

    I briefly touched on our home inspection in my last buying a house post, but thinking more about it I remember it being a very nerve-racking, sometimes confusing, experience. Trying to search the internet for common questions often resulted in some concerns that were not covered.  Just a warning, some of these questions may seem a bit “off beat” since we were looking at an older home. Depending on what kind of house you’re looking to buy you may have very different concerns and other questions that come up in your inspection. This is just a framework to get you started, so let’s get to it!

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    erin condren contact cards business

    Reviewing Erin Condren Contact Cards

    Similar to business cards, which is why I ordered them, Erin Condren Contact Cards provide some basic information in order to contact you. Wow! Surprising! The difference is that a lot of their premade templates are super, super cute. Since I was in need of some new cards (I had previously used VistaPrint) I decided to try them out. Now let’s find out more after the jump!
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    day designer blue sky cover

    2017-2018 Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner Review

    This is the beautiful 2017-2018 Day Designer for Blue Sky planner!

    Help me I’ve never been able to break my love of planners (don’t actually help me, I love them). Today we were at Target, just browsing as one does there, and lo and behold I found one heckle of an adorable planner. The Day Designer for Blue Sky planner is SO pretty and the paper is SO great that I might just switch to it full-time. Well, at least for a few weeks! Luckily it was Andrew that suggested buying to review so…technically it wasn’t my fault. Now, let’s take a look at this adorable planner!

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    garden view tea room afternoon tea grand floridian

    Blank Page Philosophies and Apologies

    This is a really yummy dessert from the Garden View Tea Room. Please enjoy.

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

    Excuse the silly start all you cool cats, but we’ve been doing some major updating on the site – including making it run faster and switching over the last remaining social places (yes, like Bloglovin) – and I was trying to tie up some unattractive ends before posting. That and I’ve had some health problems lately that finally seem to be coming to an end, and lastly – most majorly – there’s been that fear of the intimidating blank page.

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    buying a house

    Buying a House: From an offer to home

    Today, possible potential homebuyers\those just wanting to read my words, I’m discussing putting in our offer to the closing process of buying a house! It is a journey fraught with anxiety, paperwork, and more anxiety. But we all know the outcome was a great one so let’s read on!

    Be sure to check out the first post in my house series here!
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